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I am curious what happened when you went to get fitted for new glasses. Did you have success in getting a pair that worked for the unoperated eye? Please tell me what they did if this is the case. Also, was the vitrectromy (sp?) to eliminate floaters and was it successful? I have floaters in the eye that was operated on for the cataract, and they are still there after surgery - but I knew the cataract surgery would not correct that issue. As for a 2nd opinion, I've been googling like a madwoman (sometimes the Internet can be more of a hindrance). Anyway, both my opthomologist and optometrist have explained that glasses won't work any more. Now I am wearing a contact all day in the right eye. To make matters worse, it seems I have blephartis or something in that eye too - it waters all day and the inner corner itches terribly. This occurs even when the contact is out. To not wear the contact means not leaving my house :( This is impossible since I work full-time and need to drive and just basically need to see to live my life. So I am just trying to deal with the burning/itching and wearing the daily wear contact all day. It is so frustrating; I'm tired of answering the question "How are your eyes after surgery" because I hate trying to explain the whole mess to people who have no idea how lucky they are to have no eye issues. I'm trying to be positive and not think about it too much, but with all the advances in science, I can't believe there's no solution for these issues.

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