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Amen to that opinion that you should see another eye doctor, maybe even two. Someone might be just wanting to do more surgery because lucrative for him or her?

Sympathy about opthalmologists' habit of not telling or asking us very much. Example,I have low thyroid and Autoimmune disease, inflammation, should not have had steroid Kenalog injections for eye inflammation. One finally told me they ASSUMED that since I was taking a large thyroid dose, it would be okay. But I have Thyroid Resistance, Antibodies that evidently interfere somewhat with the T4 medication, and "metabolic drainage problem", debris like stringy and spotty floaters for more than 7 yrs in other eye before I found this out. Some people are now trying to get Kenalog off the market, causes problems even for muscles elsewhere in body. Don't know yet if Ibuprofin and Krill Oil will take care of all the inflammation including arthritis.

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