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[QUOTE=Marji116;5162141]I had cataract surgery when I was 56 on both eyes. I went from being extremely nearsighted (-19 and-17.5) to now being farsighted. I also have myopic macular degeneration just in the left eye. I wear progressive lens eyeglasses to accommodate my near, mid and distance vision for my farsighted right eye. I don't have much of a prescription for the left eye since I can't see much with that eye anyway. Why can't they fit your unoperated eye for the nearsightedness and whatever new prescription you need for the operated eye? Good luck--I know how frustrating it is to get people to understand.[/QUOTE]

Hi Marji,

I am meghana, I came across this thread. I am extremely near sighted(-13d).
I have dry myopic macular degeneration. My symptoms started 03/13 and getting worse every month. I have lot of distortion. I am 38 years old.
Few questions, if you can answer. What kind do you have? Dry or wet.

do you know if dry will stay stable or will continue get worse with the rx i have. I am unable to get information.

If you dont mind can you please share your symptoms and any info you have on myopic MD.


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