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I have had severe eye irritation on and off for years and it has reached a point where my eye is hurting, watering and very irritated. I used refresh tears and hot compresses for the past few weeks and then went to the eye doctor. I had been diagnosed with blepharitis previously and was told to use hot compresses and avoid makeup. This time he put me on an eye ointment with steriods and antibiotics. The condition was worse in my right eye. I have been using the ointment for 2 days now and it is still irritated. This morning after drying my hair I sprayed hairspray on the bangs which are near my right eye. Then it hit me, It is the hairspray causing this problem. I do close my eyes, but it goes onto the skin around my eyes, and sometimes has gotten in my eyes. It was a lightbulb moment. I then researched the web and hairspray is a very nasty substance. I plan to stop using it immediately and find other ways to keep my hair in place. The doctor never asked about hairspray and I did not even think of it until today. I just wanted to share this with others who may be using hairspray and having eye issues. Avoid it and see what happens.

Good luck!

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