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My daughter is a college freshmen and four weeks ago started experiencing sensitivity go light, and seeing floaters in her vision amd experiencing pulsing in vision. Went to two ophthamologists, neurologist who did nothing more than order an MRI which was negative for tumors and MS anfmd told to go to neuro-ophthamologist, who did nothing more than examine her eye, no neurological testing for what is causing the pulsing, and basically cincluded he had no clue whsts causing floaters, light sensitivity and pulsing. I would tell you to see ophthamologist because your retina maybe tearing away from the vitreous gel. I think my daughter's, eyes have started that process but the useless neuro-ophthamologist fdom Penn, Medicine no less denied he saw anyanything like that for my daughter. I hope you get to ophthalmologist or get an answer on here because your situation sounds serious. Please keep us posted on here.:)

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