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Hi all, must admit this is my first time posting on anything like this but I feel I have no other options. Just over a month ago my boyfriend noticed a large red vein in my left eye only when I look to the right. This scared me! I've never had any issues with my eyes. There was also a light bluish spot behind the vein - at first everyone told me its probably just a popped vein that happens very commonly to ppl either by sneezing etc so I forgot about it - a week later I took a pic of my eye and noticed it started getting larger and more small red veins were appearing around it - I have been tracking it almost daily and it's only gotten worse - I know I haven't hit it/ poked it or had something in my eye so I have no idea what started this - I have since been to my family doc and she said "looks like it could be degenerative and I don't know why it's showing at 23" I'm still waiting for an eye specialist as my first appointment was for oct 2! I dot feel comfortable waiting that long! It gets very sore and the redness is getting worse - my motivation to get on here is because now I see it in my right eye!! This time it's only noticeable when I look up same large red veins with a blue hue behind it - nothing I search on the Internet sounds or looks like what I have and I just want help! If you have any suggestions or comments please help and if you want a pic let me know and I can send ( wish I could Post on here )

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