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I have had vitrectomy surgery 4 months ago for macular detachment/hole in my left eye, and my vision has stabilized to 20/30 since 7 weeks post-op, but has not improved any further after that. The screen-with-holes test did not improve it either. Fortunately, earlier vision stereoscopic issues have gone away, however, I still have slight "wavy" vision in that eye, and was planning to go to an optometrist and see if refractive lenses will improve it any further. [U]Has anybody's visual acuity improved after such an operation for retinal detachment[/U]? Is it worth wearing glasses at all? Although I have also had vitrectomy surgery for peripheral macular detachment for the other eye about 8 months ago, since that eye has 20/20 vision, generally, I have no vision issues when both eyes are open, and don't currently wear any corrective glasses. But I know I don't see as sharp as I used to. Will making it sharper also make the words look more wavy/wiggly? What say you?

Thanks for any input on this.
Thanks for responding, Laura. I too have an IOL in that eye, having gone through cataract sx some 11 years ago, and that's why my current vision is what it is, 20/30 without glasses. When your vision became sharper with corrective glasses, as you say, from 20/200 to 20/60, did the waviness reduce too, or go away by any chance? Or, since your vision is now relatively sharper, do the words start appearing more wiggly than before?

Also, is this with both your eyes, or just one, and in the latter case, what's the vision in the other "dominant" eye? My dominant eye, with 20/20 without glasses, seems to carry the day, but sometimes, at intermediate distances, like a car's dashboard, the operated left eye vision is as sharp as the other eye and wants to compete with the dominant right eye, whence, double vision may sometimes appear, although it's not really an issue these days. Does that happen to you?

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