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Four weeks ago my daughter's vision suddenly became impaired. Her vision became photosensitive, she sees circular amoeba-like floaters in the sky or solid objects with dramatic pulsing movement in her vision. Her eyes burn in the shower and she had to stop using ProActive because that too burns her eyes. She has been to two ophthamologists, who found nothing wrong with her "eyes" physically, and her accute vision is 20/10. As of yesterday, my daughter says objects 10 feet in front of her are blurred and cause her to strain her eyes. She was recommended to see a neurologist, who ordered an MRI (no tumors or MS), so neurologist suggested she see a neuro-ophthamologist. Went to neuro-ophthamologist twice at Penn Med, whose did nothing more than a full eye exam (two ophthamologists already did that) concluding her eyes are fine (no retinal tearing), reviewed the MRI (found nothing as did neurologist) and ultimately told us he had no answers, and no recommendations of where to go for further study. Because no one is providing answers, my daughter is becoming increasingly depressed because her vision is so impaired. She looks at anything and the pulsing and floaters are there. Can someone please help my daughter find out what's causing her sensitive pulsing vision and seeing floaters? Will a neurologist run exentive testing to find maybe an overactive nerve that could be causing pulsing in her vision? Since January 2013, my daughter has complained of spasms on the right side of her head, don't know if there is a connection since neither the neurologist nor neuro-ophthamologist bothered to find. Please please we are desperate for answers. Thank you.

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