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[QUOTE=chiefs2582;5294954]I am doing good. How about yourself.

By no means am I an expert, but I've now seen 13 Ophthalmologists Include many From Hershey Medical Center and John Hopkins University. So I do have a much better understanding of eye issues than I did even back last year when I wrote this.

As far as your symptoms go, it doesn't sound like you have anything to worry about. The common theme among the many doctors that I went to see was that the main source of photophobia and extreme glare is dry eyes. I wish this was the case with me!

Have you had the Shermer test done that gives you a quantitative value? Since you said you have very dry eyes, I assume so. There are many great treatments for dry eye. Although, many doctors will go right toward Restasis. If you do some research on it, it only works in about 40% of people and generally takes 3-6 months to begin feeling the effects.

Something that would be extremely easy for you to try would be "Systane Lubricating drops". You can buy these over the counter at any store, and they work much better than Restasis for me. I never had extremely dry eyes but I have tried many methods to see if it would curb the problem. I even went as far as having plugs put in and at John Hopkins they have what is called the "Boston Lense" and basically this creates an artificial Cornea so that your eyes are not as sensitive to the glare and gives them a pocket of moisture between the light and the physical eye.

I hope that it is dry eyes and that you can get back to your normal life ASAP!![/QUOTE]

Thank you for responding. You mentioned that dry eyes wasn't the case for you..Do you know what is going on with your eyes? Do you still have the extreme sensitivity to glare like you described? More questions...Did any of the 13 Dr.'s you saw give you any answers and what type of (many) test have you done? Is you problem also associated with dry eyes and how did the "Boston Lense" work for you? Is it like the sclera lens for keracatonis (spelling) eyes?

I have also seen a number of opthalmologist. First one at UCLA Jules Stein. I never went back to her again, that was in December of 2010. It was for floaters that I just awoke one morning and there they were. I didn't know what the heck was going on. The floaters got worse and I went to a new opthalmologist. Same thing, their only floaters, nothing you can do. In the mean time, my eyes got very blurry and started becoming light sensitive. That was about 6 months or so later. I went to another O.Dr. in the same office and to 2 retinal surgeons and to a neuro-opthalmologist. Everything was fine they said. The first retinal surgeon said I had an infection in the back of my eye and he prescribed some very expensive eye drops. I think that is when my eyes became very sensitive to light. I didn't like the guy, he just shooed me off when I asked him about floaters. So I went to another retinal Dr. who listened to my concerns and explained things. I waited a year and had a vitrectomy and three months later had to have cataract surgery in my left eye. It's been 3 years come October. My eyes have become very sensitive to light..light coming through a window and bounces off counter tops..ouch to my eyes. Is your eyes similar to this?

I have been using Systane Celuvic lubricating eye drops. It helps a bit but my eyes still feel scratchy, dry, burn etc. A week ago my eyes hurt so bad I just walked into an optometrist office to have him check my eyes. He said my tears evaporated within 4 seconds and normal time is 16 seconds. I had a test over a year ago at my retinal surgeons office and at that time I also had very dry eyes.

Will look to hear from you again.

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