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I go into my eye doctors office as a work in for concretions it turns out. I had them flare up about 20 years ago. this was not my regular doctor I see, he said I had chronic inflammation due to the concretions and needed that to be looked into. Put me on the steroid eye drop Lotemax and Restestis for dry eye the steroid for 6 weeks. (Obviously didn't look at my chart my mom had glaucoma) I went back for my 6 week check up with my glaucoma doctor and my pressure was 25. Oh he says you were on the steroid and you had a history of glaucoma in your family. We will do a field test and re check in 6 months .......I jumped on the internet and got scared drug induced glaucoma oh boy. depending on how much pressure my optic nerve can handle I guess will tell if I have it. I did call back and getting the field test the end of the on month. can't wait 6 months. did this happen to anyone else?????
My requested copies of my last two visits. My glaucoma specialist probably wouldn't have put me on these steroids because he knew I was a suspect. The new doctor ran in the room didn't even introduce himself took a look at my eyes removed my concretions asked if I had any operations on my eyes very scared, I had chronic inflammation and dry eye. He was implying I had a hidden disease. He obviously didn't look at my chart or would have taken my eye pressure. I didn't even think of telling him that glaucoma ran in my family and to check my pressure. I thought that was the doctors job :-( anyway They checked my pressure with that blue light that comes up close to your eye. They also did a scan of my optic nerve. I called the day after labor day and told them I couldn't wait 6 months so they will see me 9/30 for a field test and pressure check. I have called another glaucoma specialist that I will see next Friday. It kills me to think I did this to myself, because a doctor didn't know all the facts. thanks for responding, I don't get much from the doctor.....nice to think someone actually listens ;-)

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