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Hi - I suffer from extreme health anxiety which seems to be focused on my eyes at the moment. If I write down my symptoms I would love to get some advice.

My anxiety started 9 years ago - shortly after this I began to suffer from dry eyes and pain/pressure begind both eyes. This has continued to this day.

Two years ago I started to get an odd flicker in my peripheral vision in my right eye only. It was pretty random when it came. I went to the opticians who couldn't find anything wrong. I do get ocular migraines so they put it down to that.

Fast forward to March this year, I noticed that my close up vision had deteriorated slightly. This happened shortly after I started taking anti anxiety medication. I went back to the optician who again said that my eyes were very healthy and put it down to age (I am 44) and my medication.

Everything was pretty ok uo until a month ago when I woke yo with this dark spot in my vision (right eye only). It only appeared when I blinked. I panicked and went back AGAIN to the optician who did a thorough eye exam inc retinal photography and said that there was nothing wrong with my eyes. The spot dimished over the period of 3 hours. If I look really carefully sometimes I think I can see it still but it is very faint.

However the most worrying thing for me is that I have started to get flashes in my vision at night like fireflies. If I wake up and move my eyes from side to side rapidly it triggers them - if I don't do this then everything is normal. This pnly happens at night and is in both eyes. I went back to the opticians again and they weren't concerned about this but eye had another exam plus a 3d image taken of both eyes, again everything was normal.

I've googled this and some sites say this could be retinal or optic nerve damage and some say this is normal and it is your eye pulling on your muscles causing pressure that is causing these flashes - known as pressure phosphenes. I don't know what to do next. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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