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I am a 31-year-old Caucasian male. Since I was born, I have been struggling with farsightedness and astigmatism in addition to strabismus in my left eye. My current prescription is: +0.50 sphere, no cylinder, 1BU prism for right eye, and +3.75 sphere, -0.50 cylinder (60 axis), 1BD for left eye. Two years ago I was diagnosed with meibomian gland dysfunction and blepharitis, and, consequently, I had to stop wearing rigid GP contact lenses due to discomfort and poor visual acuity (soft lenses never fit me well due to my extremely flat cornea). Thus, I was forced to switch to prescription glasses, which is where my problem starts that I would desperately need a solution for--the visual acuity in my left eye appears to be extremely sensitive to the position of my glasses / left prescription lens relative to my eye. For example, a minimal move in the nose pads can completely ruin my ability to see sharp and crisp in my left eye, and, subsequently, my ability to focus on reading, work, etc. (I am a researcher and spend a lot of time reading). I have been experiencing this problem with several pairs of glasses over several years; every new pair I purchase gives me a great corrected vision until the glasses get minimally tweaked (accidentally or on purpose for a better fit), and I can never achieve the same corrected vision afterwards (opticians cannot either). It gets so blurry in my left eye that it completely disrupts my mental work, and my brain has a hard time dealing with it (it's a very uncomfortable sensation). I would be grateful for any advice/consultation how to proceed to restore my (corrected) vision. Additional information: I was ruled out as a Lasik candidate, and I underwent the Lipiflow procedure in February this year for treatment of dry eye symptoms to be able to resume wearing contacts, however, the procedure didn't help in that regard. Thank you in advance. I live in Seattle, WA for potential doctor recommendations.

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