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My fiance is legally blind (ONH). She started seeing a spot in her left eye , top left corner (1.5 years ago). We went to her optometrist who was not able to see anything wrong. He believed it was something wrong with her optic nerve, but he had no way of knowing. There has been noticeable loss in the VF where the spot is. He recommended seeing a neuro-ophthalmologist.

We went and saw one as soon as we could.

This spot has gotten a little worse since she first saw it. It is more noticeable in bright light, and has what I would call flare ups. She can always see it, but at times it is much darker than others – random times in the day, no correlation.

The first one did not see anything wrong, he did not seem worried about her optometrists visual field test. He ran his own tests. We asked if an MRI would be advisable, but he said he felt like it would be a waste of time. No answers there.

We got in to see a neuro-ophthalmologist (Karl Golnik, M.D) in Ohio, we were told he was world renowned. He checked my fiance’s eye several times, but did not see / hear anything from us that troubled him. We told him about her primary eye physician visits, and that she had seemed to lose vision in her VF per the visual field tests, which he reviewed. He asked if her spot moved, which she said no.

He ended up telling us that he believed this spot was a floater. This of course confused us, as we did not understand why her optometrist would not have suggested this (her optometrist seemed to think something else was going on). I mentioned to him that I thought floaters “floated”, but he said not always, and that he had a floater that is static.

At the end of the day, we know this doctor deals with unusual eye issues every day, and we should be able to trust that diagnosis. The spot in her eye is still there (upper left corner in eye), never moves, some days it is darker than others.

Has anyone had anything similar?

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