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My first time posting here. I had a very odd incidence last night and have been searching the web to see if I can find the answer. I'm a rational thinker and not an overreactive type or hypochondriac at all . But this experience I had last night really made me wonder if I was in the twilight zone!
So I went to bed after driving straight through, 11 hours, from San Francisco to Seattle. My pups sleep with me. Turned the light off and spent a few minutes petting the little guys next to me. When I turned the light off I could still see them well enough with some street light coming in. With my first look at them I was in horror. They were all distorted and their coat was dong a swirling and moving thing. Like long tall grass that is moving with a high wind. Swirling and moving back and forth, all directions. My best description is the the videos you see of urchin type creatures on the sea floor with their tentacles swayiing in the water. But it doesn't end there! On top of that their faces were distorted. Now I was looking at their faces individually, just 5-6 inches from my face, and their facial features were hideously distorted and swirling also. To test this phenomenon I looked at a woven wool throw I had on the bed and the yarns of the throw were doing the same thing - moving and swirling in all directions. If I closed my eyes completely I could see this pattern still happening but not against anything but the black background of a closed eye.
Someone please help me understand this. I'm not crazy and I don't do drugs or even drink. I'm a 62 woman with no known ocular issues. I wear glasses and have worn glasses since I was 7. I've tried to find something on this but all I can find is "kaleidoscpe eyes" but it doesn't fit the experience I had. Help me figure this out as it's been bothering me all day. Thanks! Deb

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