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Hi Jellyfish57,

Hold on! Be hopeful, your vision WILL get better, but it may take several weeks. I am 59, had a vitrectomy due to a pretty bad macular retinal detachment in my left eye, but did not have scleral buckling- instead had cryo and laser surgery. My surgery was also done within 24 hours after I had lost 90% of my vision in that eye (curtain) with the retina dangling and had to fly back home 1000 miles just to do the operation. So, there are lots of similarities but also some differences with your condition and surgery procedure. The biggest differences are (a) the time from discovering your retina had detached and vitrectomy, and (b) the procedure itself - scleral buckling. So, I don't know if the speed of recovery will be the same as mine, but, hopefully, the final results may be the same. I have detailed my eye-journey in other threads on this board - please read them too. Since you have written without any error in your post, I think, you are already a winner! If the waviness in the vision was an issue it would have automatically shown up as errors in your writing.

Briefly, after my air bubble vanished (replenished by my natural saline fluids), I had depth of field issues (stereoscopy), double vision, and waviness - all symptoms which you describe too. The first two issues went away after several weeks, and, yes, I did have problems with it. And the waviness issue still persists - it does not bother me, however, since it is overtaken by the other dominant eye. Only if I use that operated eye, can I see vertical or horizontal lines/edges wavy. Hopefully, your other eye is okay. My other (right) eye had also gone through a peripheral RD and vitrectomy six months before this one, but had fully recovered by then. The good news was that according to my doctor, both eyes did get back to 20/20 vision in a few weeks after their surgeries. So, I could go back to office and drive, etc., after, I think, 3 weeks or so, but was in complete rest for three weeks. Following the doctor's orders on face-down or whatever position is "extremely" crucial, as it governs the success of the operation, as well as the rate of recovery. As you most probably know, the air bubble near the retina forces the retina to stick back to the sclera, especially the central (fovea) macular portion with face down position, and avoids much contact on the other side with the eye lens - which can cause cataracts (sooner or later it happens anyway). It is now 1.5 years for my bad RD eye and my optometrist has prescribed some glasses for both my eyes (small corrections: -1.5D and -1D), however, I don't really need them for driving or TV, etc. With scleral buckling, I don't know how it goes - that is if they remove it or keep it around the eyeball forever. Ask your doctor about it.

The bottom line is, it is possible that your vision will, indeed, recover - but it may take time even if the operation was done successfully. Need to have a LOT of patience! Also, another exercise my doctor recommended to reduce double-vision, etc., to train the brain, was "pencil-eye" exercise - focus alternately at the tip of a pencil held at an arm's length and far away, few times a day. Again, please ask your dr if this is appropriate for you and when you can start doing it.

Take care! I am also a patient just like you.


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