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[QUOTE=Jellyfish57;5292788]Hello, forgive me if this post is a little bit long, but I am hoping to hear from persons who have undergone similar surgeries for a similar disorder. I underwent a vitrectomy/scleral buckling on April 18, 2014 for a macula off retinal detachment in my right eye. I do not know precisely how long the retina was actually detached before surgery; there had been subtle changes in vision for perhaps 6 weeks, but a dark curtain fell across most of my field of vision in that eye 6 days before surgery.

The day after surgery the ophthalmologist removed the patch, prescribed antibiotic/anti-inflammatory drops to be used 4X daily for one month, and scheduled an appointment for 5 days later. The gas used for the gas bubble is the longest persisting one of the ones commonly used (I was told it would persist for about 8 weeks). I had positioning requirements for 7 days after surgery, but I was luckier than many in that I could either be face down or lie on my left side.

On my next visit, my IOP was high, which is not uncommon because of the gas bubble, so I was prescribed glaucoma drops to be used twice daily for two weeks. I could not see his hand as he asked me how many fingers he was holding up, but I was told that was normal. I could see light and some shapes. He told me that eventually a wavy line would appear: above which I'd be able to see, below which, not. This line would lower as time passed and the gas bubble was absorbed.

I kept waiting for the "wavy line" and it finally appeared about one week ago. Now, about 60% of my vision in that eye is above the line. I know that even after the gas is completely absorbed, it will take time for vision to become clearer, especially since the macula had detached. But this is driving me crazy. It's much worse than having no vision in that eye. Looking through only that eye at some perfectly level and straight window blinds is as though I'm looking through water. The blinds are not straight, but wavy, and it's nauseating. Even with both eyes open, the vision in the bad eye greatly affects overall vision.

I returned to work 10 days after surgery, but quit 5 days later because I was unable to do the job safely. Can anyone who has been through a similar procedure with similar (5 week post-surgery) results comment on whether they ever got used to this type of vision....I understand that it may get much better, but right now my depth perception is way off; I constantly knock things over, and forget about going to the grocery store. When I go to Publix I am convinced everyone is pushing their carts as close as they can to me without hitting me:-) I know I've given many people angry looks who did not deserve them.

I see the ophthalmologist in 4 days, but he doesn't speak much about prognosis, and from what I've read, that is not too uncommon with this type of surgery because they simply don't know. I'm a 56 year old man who has never had any serious vision problems before.

If you've had a similar experience, please comment.
Hi Jellyfish,

I had a similar surgery on 6/18/15 (without scleral buckling), going thru the poor eye sign experiences now; searching internet for answers, then came across this board and find your message, I am related to your experience 99%. I had my 5 weeks post-op yesterday and the gas bubble is still at 30%, I started to see things little clear last week (4 weeks after the surgery), then within the next few days, I noticed the double vision, wavy line, distortion, etc. I asked my doctor yesterday but he offered no answers, just told me to wait till the bubble is all gone.
Since this happened to you last April, I am hoping if you can tell me what happened to your vision now. Did the distortion, wavy line, double vision improved?
My doctor doesn't like to say much and did not explain my eye situation, all he said the retina is reattached and is healing fine, take it easy and see you next time.
I am just worry and hope you can share your insign. I can't PM you as I am new to the board, hop you don't mind and can give us an update.

Thanks, Larry

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