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Hi all,

Sadly, I'm finally qualified to make a post here, and I have a story I want to share.

I'm at my 6th or 7th recurrence of herpetic corneal infection since first getting it in my childhood. Past infections were diagnosed promptly and treated correctly with antiviral drops in a timely manner. I've had slight vision loss, but nothing life changing. This time things were different.

I just graduated university and started working. With all the stress from my new job and life changes, the virus decided to wake up to launch another assault on my eye.

I woke up one morning with a slightly swollen and red eye. Worried about it being a recurrence of eye herpes, and its time sensitive nature, I went straight to emergency room. However, despite my history with eye herpes, the doctor believe I had pink eye, and put me on antibacterial drops.

Two days later, vision was blurring, pain and light sensitivity was keep my eye shut, so I went to the emergency room again. This time, I firmly pressed for the possibility of eye herpes, and this different doctor also sent me home with pink eye medicine. I was hesitant to believe him, but if he didn't feel I need to be referred to ophthalmologist, it may just be pink eye.

I could not be more wrong. A week since initial symptom began, no improvement. If it was pink eye the whole thing should be over already. So, I went to the emergency demanded to be looked at for eye herpes or referred for immediate appointment with ophthalmologist. The next day, an ophthalmologist diagnosed eye herpes with significant new scarring across my visual axis. I was put on antiviral drops immediately to prevent further scarring.

Now, I'm off the eye drops, and continuing with antiviral pills. The pain is gone, the redness in my eye went away, but this time my vision did not return. The doctor believe it's permanent as the scar lies directly in the center of my visual field.

It has not been fun going about my day, constantly reminded no glasses can fix what the disease did, and being a young person, this disease can return over and over. I only wish I made the decision to be looked at by specialists on day one.

If anyone has had similar experiences with eye herpes, how are you dealing with it long term? There must be plenty of you who had this before effective antiviral medicine were available decades ago. Is there any option to restore eye sight due to scratched cornea?

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