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[QUOTE=Bleue;5311612]Sorry to hear of your problem. Have you been seen & evaluated by a general doctor? It's possible the headaches stem from something other than your eyes.

Also, if you haven't been told, ask the ophthalmologist (hope that's who your being seen by) if the angles in your eyes are open or closed. Angles that are closing down or closed can cause elevated eye pressure and if the pressure is high enough, headaches or more specifically eye aches. It's also a good idea to ask what the pressures are in your eyes. You probably don't want to wait till December to find this out, so perhaps call the hospital where you were seen to get the answer.[/QUOTE]

when i initially visited hospital and prescribed the drops, I was asked to go back a few weeks later to check if they worked and she was pleased. I told her i still had the headaches, she said it was computer work or stress.

It used to be one eyes specifically that seemed to hurt or feel strained, occassionaly it would twitch, its not happened forr a long time. Ive just got up, eyes super dry and had to put some drops in to try and help, and taken some paracetamol fo the headache feeling that already exists. Ive got 5days off work, so my computer usage will be lower too
Ive not been to my doctors

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