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I have these very unnerving symptoms which I wish to at least find causality for:
[*]Ability to see things without blur, but not able to focus on them directly.
[*]Instant and prolonged afterimages from light sources such as a computer screen.
[*]Inability to track text because of the aforementioned difficulty in looking directly at things.
Some clues I've found along my journey:
-About the same time this started happening, I would sometimes lose night vision in one eye. Sometimes I could "reset" the vision by looking at a small light source, and turning on a light bulb always reset it, but it would not go away on its own.
-I was diagnosed with astigmatism.
-I don't know if this is normal, but my eye under my eyelid is flatter, not spherical shaped, it looks like the eye is a beer belly and the part under the eye is not rounded.
-The non-rounded part under my eye is yellow.
-Doctor called it a muscle responsible for focusing on things was spasmodic (spasming when I try to look at things directly), however none of the things he advised have worked, so I don't know if this diagnosis is precise as can be.
-When looking at large, same color spaces (such as the wall, ceiling, white space on web pages), I notice there is visual snow (grainy static) and parts of my vision are subtly darker than others.
-I have a sometimes annoying floater but I think that's unrelated.

I enlist your help! What do you think about this mystery?

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