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... Echoing what Sammi2 said. If your appointment with the eye doctor is not right away, you should call them up and ask them to see you as soon as they can - this could be an emergency, so don't hesitate to let them know that. If you are suffering from a retinal detachment you have only a limited window of opportunity to address the problem. Also, you may want to ask someone... (3 replies)
... Thanks, viewing is a little better this am. Made an appt with Eye Dr. but not Opthamologist...may have to visit next. ... (3 replies)
... our middle finger and index finger, and hold them horizontally parallel right in front of your eyes, with only a small gap separating them, you will see two thin black lines between the fingers. ... (7 replies)

... The last two mornings on waking,when blinking I see black horizontal lines similar to the appearance of tree branches. They disappear on getting out of bed and I'm not aware of them now as I sit typing this letter. ... (1 replies)
... sounds like floaters and pieces of vitreous gel......get it checked, but it's probably eye dr told me it could take up to a year for them to settle on the bottom of your eye, picture shaking up a snow globe....... ... (3 replies)
... and saw a sudden white flash in the whole of my vision, almost like somebody had just flashed a bright torch on and off infront of me quickly, I assumed it was lightning. ... (6 replies)
... Interesting discussion on the "Amsler grid" test! ... (18 replies)
... ng over of my central vision area, no pain associated with it, I still had perifferal vision to some degree,as if someone sprayed a 4 inch light gray paint spot on a window held about 6 inches from my face. Very similar to camera flash blindness. How it might look 20 or 30 seconds after the initial flash. ... (4 replies)
New symptoms
Mar 24, 2013
... Kind of puzzling, but I let it go then. May be, it's the artery in the eye that is throbbing. ... (19 replies)
Floaters eye
Jul 5, 2018
... After the second eye examination, when the drop of pupil dilation inside my eye floaters the next day, it doubled, or perhaps more than doubled. ... (7 replies)
... The retina is the light sensitive zone at the back of the eye and is normally only visible to an ophthalmologist using special instruments to look inside the eye through a dilated pupil. ... (15 replies)
... such a thing as a chronic aura, it's called "migraine status". You can look it up. I think if an Amsler grid is used correctly, you should be able to tell if the lines in your peripheral vision are there or not. It probably depends on the distance you hold the grid from your face. ... (13 replies)
... Hello do you still have this problem? (4 replies)
... It is a problem that I have when looking at high contrast patterns such as rows of supermarket shelves with stuff on them, oriental rugs, white text on a black background on a computer screen. It feels like the light contrast has to be exactly right for this to occur. ... (4 replies)
Vibrating vision
Jun 11, 2012
... Was wondering if someone else has this. Whenever I look at certain patterns, especially white lines on black background they appear to vibrate or move almost like guitar strings. I see this pretty much all the time. ... (77 replies)
... It all started about 2 weeks ago. I noticed a small black spot in my right eye. It looked slightly like a bullet hole... ... (1 replies)
... This is my first post on the site. ... (3 replies)
... s on OCT scans? ... (66 replies)
... I'm new to this forum, but after several months or ongoing eye problems, I've decided to join, in the hope someone out there shares my symptoms. ... (1 replies)
Mar 31, 2004
... and some floating lines . . . the floating lines might have been there before, but maybe i'm noticing them more because of the tiny circles . . . . ... (12 replies)

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