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... detaching from the retina through a retinal tear or hole, as opposed to floaters which are usually more hairlike with a dot at one end. Floaters are common and appear in abundance when there is "posterior vitreous detachment. ... (7 replies)
New black spots
Jul 17, 2011
... This of course is just a quick photoshop image of the effect. In reality, the identical black spots would be present on EVERY SINGLE point of light in the picture. ... (4 replies)
... grey halo. The blue spots are just bright blue. Are floaters like after images or do they look like your seeing something on the wall? ... (0 replies)

... For the past week or so every time I go outside and it's sunny I get like 20 black spots in my vision in both eyes that are about the size of a finger nail a foot away from my face. ... (0 replies)
... I think what you may have are called floaters. They are crystal deposits in the eyes. My bf has them but he got laser done on his eyes and can now see 20/20. The crystals float around the eye but when they cross over the pupil then you see black spots (5 replies)
... No, I've never had any flashes of light, no symptoms but these danged spots/floaters/things. (5 replies)
... The two black spots appeared one right after another, and overall only lasted 1 second, maybe 2 seconds, at most. ... (5 replies)
... I've never experienced floaters before, unless I'm looking at the sky. ... (6 replies)
Blue spots
Apr 20, 2004
... I have been seeing blue spots in my vision for about a year now. Only recently have they been really constant. I see floaters and black spots as well, but I never brought up the fact that I see blue spots, because I thought my Dr. would think I'm crazy. ... (2 replies)
... in my left eye that seems to follow my eye where ever I look. I notice it more when I look at something that is a solid color. My eye dr. said that these are floaters and flashes. He says that they are nothing to worry about. If you are concerned with your dr. opinion then go to an opthamoloigist just to confirm his findings. ... (3 replies)
... stop. My eye feels tired as well. Not sure if that's because I'm seeing through the floaters all of my waking hours. ... (10 replies)
... For several weeks now I have noticed that I am having a lot of eye floaters. Some are black spots and some are more like white shadows. I have had floaters for many years but recently they have gotten worse. I see them mostly when in sun light or looking at the computer. ... (3 replies)
... sounds like "PVD" = posterior vitreous detachment. which is a detachment of the gel like (vitreous) substance in your eye (usally this is benign and is due to degeneration of the viterous when you age) :) You will notice flashes of light sometime because as the vitreous detaches from the retinal, it tags a little on the retina which causes the flashes. a PVD can cause retinal... (15 replies)
Black spots
Feb 19, 2004
... Pay close attention to what you have eaten a day or two prior to noticing floaters. You may notice that if you eat foods high in sugars, the next day your floaters will come back for a few days, then subside. Remember things like alcohol turn into pure sugar when they hit your body, so it can be quite easy to overlook. ... (3 replies)
... I've recently noticed some black spots in my field of vision. I initially thought that it was some dirt of something on the top on my eyeball, however my opthamalogist diagnosed "floaters". ... (3 replies)
... The specialist did not see any tears or holes and told me to take it very easy and he would see me again in 2 weeks. I'm still seeing floaters, very tiny black dots and flashes, but I'm taking it extremely easy. ... (7 replies)
... If like spiders they are called floaters and lots of people experience these, myself included. ... (7 replies)
Black spots
Feb 19, 2004
... The spots are known as "floaters". Trash within the eye floating around. This can happen with "vitrous separation". ... (3 replies)
... I have sparkling silver lights that practically block out my vision in my left eye, also I get black spots moving around, these episodes can last from 5 to 30 mins at a time. ... (10 replies)
... the same type piercing black spots in my vision field for over a yr now. Happens when I look quickly upwards to the left or right and can last 1 to 5 mins. ... (5 replies)

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