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... t few years i've been a plane enthusiast and often sit outside at night with binoculars and track planes above. It's always been an easy challenge, just spot the blinking lights! ... (0 replies)
... Hi, I am 20 years old, and starting two months ago my vision has changed for the worse. I am Nearsighted and also have Astigmatism in both eyes. ... (7 replies)
... Also, when I look all the way to the corner of my vision, I will see a dark blob where I'm looking in both eyes.. similar to if you push gently on the side of your eyeball and a distorted image will appear opposite to that. ... (2 replies)

... I have had something in my vision for 6 months. I had it checked out by the optometrist the first time I noticed it and he didnt find anything wrong. ... (0 replies)
... Because of this I notice that my vision in the dark has decreased. This was confirmed by my eye doctor. ... (0 replies)
... router blinking lights, then move my open eye left and right and I can make the lights out every easily when looking straight ahead or to the extreme left and right. ... (14 replies)
... s say orange, at night when its dark so you can concentrate on the light and have blackness in the background. With myopia it turns into a big blurry looking circle right? ... (3 replies)
... Colored objects in front of dark backgrounds and of course around lights. This has caused a great deal of anxiety and depression. ... (0 replies)
... the amount on bacteria i see in my vision kind of swimming if you may is increasing and I have tried eye Wash and I dont seem to have success, also I have a pain Blinking in the eye that comes and goes hours at a time that doesnt go away even after attempting to wash it out, along with a dark gray spot on the left part of my eye. ... (1 replies)
... I have permanent and temporary bright spots that appear when blinking and change colour when looking at different colour backgrounds. What shape are your scotomas and what do they look like? ... (7 replies)
... of that sort. It is so frustrating. My pattern of flashing is changing. I see it with my eyes closed in the morning when the light comes in. I see it with simple dark to light changes from room to room, or outside. ... (6 replies)
... years. I sometimes see a dark spot on the peripheries of my vision noticeable mainly against white clouds or white walls. Sometimes it can be a redish or greenish colour against darker backgrounds. ... (0 replies)
... actually I think I get the same thing, I was playing some basketball outdoors and when my heart was rating I saw these blinking black spots. Also when I get in and out of light and dark I get it sometimes. Getting an MRI tommorow so I'll give you a heads up! ... (12 replies)
... in glasses. I was recently seen by an optho for cloudy vision in my right eye. She diagnosed me with "dry eye" and told me to lay off of my lenses and keep my eyes lubricated. ... (6 replies)
... I have been having some strange complaints with my vision and eyelids for some time, and I wondered if anyone has any idea what could cause them. ... (10 replies)
... Yes, have the similar visual symptoms as you. My after images are far more pronounced more than what is normal, because I used to have normal vision I know. Bright lights at night are particularly bad. ... (4 replies)
Stationary spots
Feb 16, 2008
... To answer your the beginning I used to notice the spots more when blinking. The spots start out dazzly, then fade. I think blinking shows them up more because you're getting an afterimage of the spot. ... (15 replies)
... in the dark and when I close my eyes, I think its what I see now. ... (0 replies)
Flashes of light
Apr 10, 2013
... t, NOT ALWAYS, I think it's when I'm just tired and ONLY if a LED sort of light is present. For example the small LED light from a laptop power on button, router blinking lights, basically some sort of light. ... (4 replies)
... Hi Lyn, thanks for the reply. The pinhole test does help focus my vision but to be honest, as I can see fine from my left eye, it really seems pointless to bother. I did have a really odd experience the other night though. ... (16 replies)

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