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... I see very little weird stuff. The swirling you see, I think, is the entopic phenomenon. It is the ability to see your white blood cells moving about very fast in the blood vessels that lay in front of the retina. ... (14 replies)
... current red and bloodshot eye. The only explanation for both the AION and the red eye that I have found yet is a link of both to Sleep Apnea, this fits with me, exhaustion and my wife's reports of snooooorrrriiinnnggg.... ... (0 replies)
... The Vascular figure is an image of the retinal blood vessels in one's own eye. ... (5 replies)

Dry eyes....Help!
Mar 10, 2005
... hi i have blepharitis, with a lot of visible blood vessels in the white of my eyes. i would do almost anything to find a way to make my eyes white again. does anyone know if eyebright or bilberry extract makes any visible difference? ... (488 replies)
... My eye doctor was less rude today but had no good news. ... (488 replies)
Please help!!
Mar 14, 2006
... he pain kept up. It was sometimes a sharp pain other times just dull and annoying. So I finally went to the dr today and she said that my contact is resting on a blood vessel in my eye and she doenst know why. ... (1 replies)
... hour. Sometimes, I also will see a very faint greyish blob with eyes open at the spot. Upon blinking, it turns white. I usually only see one in one eye at a time, but I have seen multiple ones in both eyes. I am now 20 weeks pregnant and they have gotten worse since I got pregnant. ... (12 replies)
Red eyes
Jul 3, 2012
... So i noticed that in the white in my eyes the were some blood vessels at first they were small and unnoticeable and only on the sides of my eyes. ... (2 replies)
... I've got retinal dystrophy now, but when it first started I saw white balls move from bottom to top in my peripheral vision. Never did find out what they were. ... (1 replies)
... In response to your question, I don't have blood vessels showing through my eye lids when they are closed. ... (488 replies)
... the only reason I noticed it is because it had a big inflamed blood vessel in it, so I thought I had some kind of abrasion to my eye. The one in my left eye appeared about 3 months ago, and though small, is very irritating. ... (7 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Oct 14, 2004
... Immediately following the surgery my eyes were perfectly white for the first day or so, and then due to gravity, the blood started creeping down to the surface, until eventually, it faded away several weeks later. ... (488 replies)
... so i got contacts a week ago. well, at first i think i got something in my eye and it scratched my eye. ... (2 replies)
... more floaters and lots of black and white dots when I look at the sky. My retina specialist mentioned I had a small amount of myopic degeneration and a drusen spot. ... (6 replies)
Red Mark
Feb 13, 2006
... I have also had broken blood vessels in my eye, and it looked like a blood red patch in the white part of my eye. Mine was caused by the suction used during my lasik surgery. It took a few weeks for mine to fully disappear. ... (5 replies)
... Hi Mani - your questions aren't dumb! Don't feel badly about asking anything. That's what these boards are for. Once you get your blepharitis under control, your eyelids won't get swollen anymore and your lashes will stop falling out. And yes - you most definitely need to clean up any crust that forms along the lash line. The only thing that you might not be able to get rid of... (10 replies)
... It can. Anything that contains a decongestant like Visine LR can give you a "rebound" effect...when the drug that makes your eye white wears off, your blood vessels get more dilated than before you put the drop in. ... (3 replies)
Feb 4, 2003
... Over wearing your lenses, including sleeping in them, will irritate the surface of your eye and restrict oxygen, which leads to little red blood vessels "growing" on the white portion of your eye. ... (7 replies)
Stationary spots
Feb 14, 2008
... e cells in the retina get bleached. The color and intensity of them changes depending on the background and the lighting. The one spot can go from being dazzling white to black in seconds depending on where i shift my eyes. ... (15 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Oct 13, 2004
... Amy, you were asking about white bumps, thick oil discharge, I think. Well, I can only give you my story and I'm sure we are all different but I didn't start out with all of that either. ... (488 replies)

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