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... Hey. I've had quite a few eye problems lately and I thought I'd ask if anyone could relate to any of these, or could tell me what might be causing them, or if they could help out in any way. ... (1 replies)
... While pinching my eyes closed, I saw bright blue spots floating around a larger black spot in the center of vision. The blue spots moved until they eventually formed a continuous blue ring around the black spot. This happened only once. No headache was associated with it. ... (0 replies)
... Below is a list of all the symptoms that im having. Ive been to tons of eye specialist and other eye doctors and they cant find anything wrong, but i know there is something wrong. I even had a MRI which came back negitive. ... (7 replies)

... Your experience actually sounds worse than mine, but it is clearly the same thing. The sudden start, the "swooping" effect, the eye feeling tired easily and soreness around it. ... (4 replies)
... have been having such a terrible time for so long with eye pain and terrible visual disturbances. Been to multiple specialists had an mri ct all with no avail. ... (1 replies)
... I could not recognise my mother looking through that eye until it stopped. ... (4 replies)
... with a light grey halo around it in my center vision or right off center the last 2 years. I started seeing the blue spot in my vision lately. ... (0 replies)
... already a part of my eyes anatomy was becoming larger or irritating my eye in some way if that makes any sense at all. ... (0 replies)
... at tip Eyes and for the encouragement from both you and Pea. I realized my blurry nearsighted eye is the lazy one, I don't know why I was thinking the other good eye was, getting confused reading all about it all at once, so I have been patching the correct "good" eye. ... (23 replies)
Dry eye question
Jul 4, 2005
... Kitty, I don't believe that having dry eyes can cause any type of swelling around the eye. Dry eyes are not actually as dry as they feel. ... (2 replies)
... My father has dark brown eyes and my mother has blue eyes. When I was born, I had blue eyes, and had them for quite a few years as a young child. I don't exactly remember when it was, but at some point they started to change. ... (3 replies)
... I figured who better to ask than people who've had eye problems so, here I am. ... (4 replies)
... Hello. I'm in my early twenties, and as long as I can remember, I've seen a bright blue halo around very purple colors. ... (1 replies)
Lazy Eye at 20
Sep 12, 2004
... ave esotropia, which means my eyes cross inward. I just want to tell you that your situation could be a lot worst, so you shouldn't worry too much. At least your eye only wonders some of the time. My eyes cross constantly, especially my weaker left eye. When I'm tired my left eye turns in so bad its hardly visible. ... (3 replies)
... en seeing my opthamologist for close to 3 months now almost weekly. My eyes are either red, itchy, stingy, dry or a combination of any of these. It also itches around my eyelids and the outer corner of the skin around my eye. I have tried a series of drops... ... (10 replies)
My eye?
Jan 1, 2020
... Take a look at people around you close up and you'll see it. I have blue eyes, with a very distinct hazel brown ring around my eyes.. perfectly normal. ... (1 replies)
... grey "ring" effect. A doctor or eye doc can tell the difference right away, corneal scaring isn't uniform all the way around like the cholesterol bands are. ... (2 replies)
... ed about the double vision saying it might take 3 or 4 weeks to go away. But that's the worst part of the whole thing for me. It's difficult even to find my way around the house and I have to patch the eye in order to drive. As long as the bad eye is patched, I don't see double. ... (11 replies)
... oH thats funny!! All goes back to how "others" will never know unless they experience it themselves. It actually took ME around 3 years (which is what the neurologist said - exactly 3 years) for the brain/eye connection to accept each other. I stand by my "theory" of the color Green, Blending the floaters into the rest of the surroundings - and by the site of the (blue) sky... (16 replies)
... Do you have any other issues with your eyes? Is it both eyes that do this? Are you missing a lens in either eye? I ask because I can see light in the ultravoilet range, because I have no lens in my left eye. (1 replies)

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