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... with a light grey halo around it in my center vision or right off center the last 2 years. I started seeing the blue spot in my vision lately. ... (0 replies)
... dimly lit room I notice like little pinhole flashes right around where the blind spot is. And of course in broad daylight these spots are like the 4th of July. ... (14 replies)
... This is my first post on the site. ... (3 replies)

... While pinching my eyes closed, I saw bright blue spots floating around a larger black spot in the center of vision. The blue spots moved until they eventually formed a continuous blue ring around the black spot. This happened only once. No headache was associated with it. ... (0 replies)
... Left eye always had low vision as a result of being turned in as a child which was surgically corrected when I was seven but always had limited vision in that eye. ... (11 replies)
... Hi, I am 20 years old, and starting two months ago my vision has changed for the worse. I am Nearsighted and also have Astigmatism in both eyes. ... (7 replies)
... I have a very strange undiagnosed vision problem. ... (9 replies)
... Nope, no injuries or anything. Just started happening out of the blue (2 replies)
Spot in right eye
Aug 20, 2003
... in the center of the field of vision of my right eye. I would normally think it's a floater, but it never moves. Whenever I blink it's the most noticeable. ... (1 replies)
Blue spots
Feb 21, 2007
... erin, you are not crazy. i have been seeing a blue spot out of my right eye for nearly a year. ... (2 replies)
... just following the movement of my eyes. ... (1 replies)
... It all started about 2 weeks ago. I noticed a small black spot in my right eye. It looked slightly like a bullet hole... ... (1 replies)
Grainy Vision
Mar 16, 2005
... in my left eye. ... (11 replies)
... Approximately 4 years ago, I had a strange vision condition that lasted for approximately 30 seconds, then completely went away. ... (4 replies)
Ghosting or what?
Aug 28, 2005
... I will apologize in advance in case this post gets lengthy. For the past month I have been experiencing some vision problems. I do know that I have an astigmatism and myopia. ... (9 replies)
Floaters: normal?
Mar 23, 2006
... nd they all move about so fast and the stringy ones change shape as they go. I was looking into a clear part of the sky trying to count them and noticed if I let my vision concentrate on one spot, little flashing lights like when you are 'seeing stars' appeared. I tried it a few times and they kept appearing. ... (10 replies)
... I just got contact lenses yesterday. I'm thrilled because the doctor made my lenses stronger than my glasses, which I haven't had time to get adjusted, so I see so much better with them. ... (8 replies)
... I agree, that some of these darn things I am seeing are just me being hypersensitive and monitoring my vision all the darn time. I think I probably have had the aniscoria and floaters for quite some time and am now just noticing it with all the anxiety I am creating. ... (12 replies)
... The bottom line is that although you can READ some of the aspects of these charts now, you are not in a position to interpret them. Once again, PLEASE ASK YOUR DOCTOR TO INTERPRET THEM FOR YOU! ... (2 replies)
... the blue sky, a white wall, a computer monitor, etc. ... (12 replies)

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