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... I am wondering how many of you have blurred vision as a result of blepharitis? ... (0 replies)
... I am currently being treated for dry eye caused by blepharitis with an antibiotic ointment and Refresh drops. ... (3 replies)
... Hi For the past 4 or 5 years I've noticed my right eye doesn't seem 'right'. It feels thick, although I have no discharge and sometimes feels a bit sore. I've also noticed some of the time I have pain on moving my right eye (almost like a sore muscle) and I used to get frequent headaches that originate from behind my right eye (although these are diminishing now). ... (2 replies)

... Lidscrubs. You don't need to have blepharitis to do this. ... (5 replies)
Blepharitis Help
Nov 13, 2010
... IS NO EXAGERATION!!. Blurred vision and light sensitivity, the burning, the itching, most days it feels as though i've had razor blades cut my cornea...It's awful man. ... (37 replies)
... too much fried foods, not enough sleep, etc.. Good Luck. I'm also going to try using the Wet Ones from another post for relief. The blurred vision and sense of greasiness in the late afternoon is annoying me A LOT, so perhaps the Wet Ones can help. ... (27 replies)
... I'm sitting here with my blurred left eye that can't be helped with glasses and thinking of "how do I cope if this eye stays like this? ... (12 replies)
... no energy, take great effort to move, but I don't know if blurred vision is a symptom or not. ... (2 replies)
... Well, he didn't have to lance it, and he said it is shrinking! Good stuff! He is now admitting that the cataract is causing some distortion, but he called the blepharitis "chronic" so that is not good! If I get a cataract removed, will I still have blurred vision from the dry eye and bleph? ... (67 replies)
... I do appreciate the lecture. I do need it. I've been reading, probably too much, on the internet and my med books. The prognosis of blepharitis and stye is not good. One said it can take up to a year to get over it, and it recurs. To me, that's a permanent sentence of suffering and blurred vision! ... (12 replies)
Pulsating Left Eye
Jan 13, 2006
... This is probably something benign such as exhaustion or a vision-related occurrence. However, I would like to know the cause of it. I've had minor problems with my eyes in the past (blepharitis, blurred vision, pain). Reading is essential to my job. On average, I read attentively for four to six hours every day. Problems like this are very detrimental to my ability to work. It... (2 replies)
... If blepharitis is causing my blurred vision, then why do I have better days like yesterday and the day before? ... (12 replies)
Opinions Needed
Apr 15, 2003
... Since many of these developments could affect your vision temporarily or permanently, it is important to keep in close contact with your doctor while using Pred Forte eyedrops, and to use the drops only as directed. ... (6 replies)
... I'm really just so tired of the blurred vision in that eye, Faith. I can squint with that eye nearly closed, and things get clearer. ... (74 replies)
May 24, 2005
... hope that this will clear up eventually. I've got to hold hope that it will. If I don't, it all will just feed the flames of depression I also battle. It has blurred my vision as well, making getting fit with glasses impossible. ... (5 replies)
... I'm the planet's biggest chicken, but I am holding off on the Restasis for now. I am so very sensitive to medication and side effects, and as I'm still battling blepharitis and eye irritation anyway, I felt for now, it might add to the irritation. It can cause blurred vision, and I fight that all the time now! ... (8 replies)
I'm at a loss
Jun 1, 2008
... xmas I had a cold and two weeks after I started to get a pain in the bend of my eyebrow. Then over the weeks things got worse, vision blurred and I had a swelling in the blob in the corner of my eye. ... (6 replies)
... Last week in desperation to find out whats going on with my vision I had my eyes tested and the opticain said I have very dry eye. I went back to the eye Dr today, he did the slit lamp test etc, and said that its blepharitis. ... (3 replies)
... I've had so called "blepharitis" for two years now, vision is very bad in right eye, so much so the pupil no longer dilates, everything is blurred and dark and eyelid droops. constant swelling feeling in eyelid 24 hours per day. ... (39 replies)
Advice needed
May 14, 2005
... can anyone tell me if blepharitis or sinus can cause astigmastism. ... (2 replies)

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