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... A few months ago I noticed several vision changes. ... (6 replies)
... Hello, yesterday while walking, all of the sudden I notice a spot in my central vision. It was like a circle and blurry. ... (1 replies)
... It's a wonder how a simple internet search can obliterate feelings of isolation. About 6 months ago, I developed a blind spot that matches the descriptions of those mentioned here exactly, and it has been arduous trying to find anyone that understands. ... (34 replies)

... wheel shape around my central vision. ... (34 replies)
... They're scattered randomly in my peripheral vision, but I have a spot in my right eye somewhat near my central vision. ... (34 replies)
... Approximately 4 years ago, I had a strange vision condition that lasted for approximately 30 seconds, then completely went away. ... (4 replies)
Bright light!
Oct 8, 2004
... Thats an interesting story, you wouldn't think that light can do that, I was once told by a doctor, that they could shine one of those really bright lights they use into your eye for up to 45 minutes without damage. ... (11 replies)
... circular amber colour with a small bright spot inside the circle but off centre. ... (15 replies)
Double vision
Sep 6, 2004
... r watching my children play sports. And near, things are blurry. Then there is a small cataract. Then there is something like a floater that blocks part of my central vision which is most noticable when reading, yet with large objects it is more like a big blurred spot. ... (0 replies)
... tion because there is no doubt, in my case, the light damaged my cone photoreceptors further. There was a measurable and immediate change in the "ink blot" blind spot in my central vision after both tests. ... (11 replies)
... problems come back, this is EXACTLY my problem aswell. As a matter of fact, Last year, when i got the flu, and have the high fever, I developed a permanent blind spot just to the side of my central vision. ... (14 replies)
... I can't answer your questions, but I would suggest you download an Amsler grid from the internet and use it one eye at a time, in bright and dim light, to see if you have any retinal damage. It would show any blind spots you might not be aware of. ... (4 replies)
... e morning and I noticed a floater, like a shadow, on my left eye. It looked kinda like ink when it's dropped in water or like a dark grey smoke. It stayed in one spot but would kinda dangle when I moved by eye back and forth. ... (0 replies)
... night, I saw those rings when I enter a dark room for around a month. And even still in low light, when I look at a pattern, I see a dull grashish, almost white spot in my central vision. But even the spot in the moring does not completly obstruct my central vision, it is translucent. ... (4 replies)
Aug 11, 2006
... That's the procedure where you have a dye injected in your arm and photos taken of the retina, using a VERY bright light? ... (62 replies)
May 24, 2007
... with a grey patch of vision in my lower left eye and it turned into a small spec again, but the only difference is that every once in a while it comes back as a bright spot when I bend down or move my eyes quickly. Its just like yours in that when I blink, it is brighter and fades down in a few minutes to nothing again. ... (62 replies)
... First there is a small blind spot in my central vision, kind of like when you look at a bright light and its burned on your retina for a few seconds. The little spot gradually gets bigger and than gets very shimmery. ... (11 replies)
... Yeah, the blind spot is where there are no image sensing parts so any light or image that falls on this spot will not be seen. ... (8 replies)
... It makes sense that the movement of the eye would cause traction that might be momentarily tugging on something. I have read of something called a Weiss ring which is the part of the vitreous sheet around the optic head. So Perhaps it is a part of vitreous coming loose but not movable yet? I don't see it in dark. Wouldn't a tug on part of the retina also cause a flash in the... (9 replies)
... Many of the central vision floaters are still there, and once in a while I get a very dark black spot with a bright circle in the centre of my left eye. I'm wondering if that would be like the ring you mean? ... (9 replies)

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