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... I believe I have one OMD and Retina specialist that has an explanation for my case that matches this description. Dark spot in peripheral vision is terribly annoying, gives me headaches when I use a computer monitor or read a book, nauseous sometimes. ... (4 replies)
... m, the first one almost 4 years ago. I do, however, experience quick flashes of light sometimes, these come and go, they are sort of like I look directly into a bright light and then look away and have the little flashes from looking at the light, but of course I have not done that. ... (34 replies)
... A few months ago I noticed several vision changes. ... (6 replies)

... They're scattered randomly in my peripheral vision, but I have a spot in my right eye somewhat near my central vision. ... (34 replies)
... I have this strange grey spot in my left eye peripheral vision that seems to move with my eye. It is kinds oval in shape. ... (7 replies)
... a blind spot in my right field of vision...I'm a 33 year old female and this started happening to me approximately 5 years ago. ... (4 replies)
... so I went to a retina specialist, who could not see anything but said it was probably a bruised retina. As he predicted, the dark spot gradually faded. ... (6 replies)
... s old and have suffered with various strange issues with my vision...more than I can possibly write in this blog. I will start however with the fact that a blind spot came up in my left eye when I was 17 years old. I had a strobe light on before this happened so I thought it would go away after I slept. I was wrong... ... (27 replies)
... I see somethings which is hard to describe. It's not floaters. It's something like bright spots moving around. It's kinda a vision of boiling. They are definetely not floaters. ... (11 replies)
... It's a wonder how a simple internet search can obliterate feelings of isolation. About 6 months ago, I developed a blind spot that matches the descriptions of those mentioned here exactly, and it has been arduous trying to find anyone that understands. ... (34 replies)
... Hi, I am 20 years old, and starting two months ago my vision has changed for the worse. I am Nearsighted and also have Astigmatism in both eyes. ... (7 replies)
... Left eye always had low vision as a result of being turned in as a child which was surgically corrected when I was seven but always had limited vision in that eye. ... (11 replies)
... fuzzy and will fry!! But when I look at that frying, the image is normal, and then the previous spot I was looking at will fry instead. I asked my mom and she said that it happens to her too. It also can happen with older TVs and computer monitors. ... (2 replies)
... I open my eyes in the morning, I get rolling balls of light that will stay in my eye up to 7 seconds, I'll get things that look like a ceiling fan spinning in my peripheral vision, I have a "blank" spot, I have a HUGE stationery floater covering half my vision in my right eye that appears BLACK outside... ... (14 replies)
Blurry dot on eye
Mar 19, 2010
... It is a very small blurry spot just left of center in the vision of my left eye. ... (4 replies)
Aug 11, 2006
... That's the procedure where you have a dye injected in your arm and photos taken of the retina, using a VERY bright light? ... (62 replies)
... see this when its well light all around. The first time I really noticed this being the most vivid, was setting in my car outside of a gas station with overhead bright lighting and i reached over to my dash to get something and noticed it behind my hand. Thats when I first started to really pay it high attention. ... (1 replies)
... a retinal specialist the next day and was told I didn't have a detached retina and I should take 2 weeks off work and rest with my head elevated until the blood spot clears. I go to my eye doctor once a week for follow ups and I am scheduled to see the retina doctor again this week. ... (120 replies)
... Wow I thought I wrote this! I have been having a similar problem which has been going on for a year this June. It is in my right eye only. I see this black spot in the peripheral vision which, as you described, spins, but stays in the same spot. Mine is always there. ... (3 replies)
... I have floaters and I can see through them but they move around in my vision. I see them best in bright light outside. ... (10 replies)

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