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Hard bump on eye
Mar 6, 2009
... days ago I discovered a hard bump on the outside corner of my eye. It's on my actual eye, about 2 or 3 mm in size. ... (1 replies)
Bump on eye
Oct 2, 2002
... I have recently noticed a bump on my eye. Is that normal? ... (11 replies)
White bump on eye
Aug 17, 2003
... my son age 9. has a white bump on his EYE. it is followed by the red streaks like blood shot eyes. ... (2 replies)

Hard bump on eye
Mar 25, 2009
... I have actually had this happen to me, twice. I don't get seasonal allergies too bad, but when I do, they manifest themselves in my eye. I've had the small bump before and even a long, raised line in the white of my eye... ... (1 replies)
Bump on eyelid
Jun 28, 2007
... For about a year, I've had a white bump on the edge of my eyelid. At first, I thought it was a pimple, but I wasn't able to pop it. ... (0 replies)
... I'm 13 and for the past few months i've had this black circle under my left eye only and it wont go away, sort of looks like a black eye. ... (1 replies)
... My boyfriend has a bump on the inside corner under the eyelid of his right eyeball. He was putting in his contacts and closed his eye was rubbing around to make sure the contact was placed right and he felt a bump. So he closed his eye and had me feel it. ... (0 replies)
... i have a tiny bump on the white of my eye.its a little red around infected area and when i woke up this morning i had dry green stuff on my eyelid. ... (1 replies)
... on the sclera/iris border. I first noticed it maybe 2 months ago. It has gotten bigger but just started irritating me about 2 weeks ago. I delayed going to the doctor until after the holidays and am going to make a appoinment next week but does anyone have any idea what this might be? I have a cataract in that eye, that I was born with but that doesnt look like its changed... (0 replies)
... This weird bump on my eye appeared around 4 days ago. I've looked all over the internet to specifically pin down it's description to a certain defenition but I've been unsuccessful. ... (0 replies)
... how long have you had this bump ? ... (6 replies)
... This morning I was on the bus and suddenly got a pain in my eye like a eye lash might be in it. I try to rub my eye and look at it, and to my surprise there was so eye lash. I looked in the mirror and saw a tiny clear bump on my eye ball. ... (1 replies)
... A couple of weeks ago I thought i had pink eye. But a week ago I noticed that i had this white bump in my eye and it makes it red on the side that it is on. When I had pink eye I took medication for it but it took a long time to go away so i'm not sure if that was really it or not. ... (2 replies)
... the bump looks like a little blister about the size of a grain of sand. It irritates like I have something in my eye like an eyelash or foreign object. The bump will go away after a few days and will occur on either left or right eye and it usually on the upper lid. ... (2 replies)
... About six months ago, I got a sty on the inside of my lower right eyelid. I think it was from using a dirty eye shadow applicator. It was very painful and swelled for about 4 days before it popped and drained. ... (1 replies)
Sun damage to eye
Feb 23, 2006
... where exactly is the bump that you mentioned? ... (1 replies)
Dry Eye ????
Aug 23, 2007
... es too. The first time it happened 5 yrs ago, pain in one eye. Thought I have cancer, very worried and finally saw a dr. He said was you have dry eyes. just use eye drops. I am so relieved and then sometimes I forget and get pain again, dr says keep putting eye drops 4 times a day. ... (7 replies)
My left eye is red
Nov 22, 2006
... f nowhere. First my lip looks like it has a sore, then I checked it out by the dentist and he wasn't sure and said it may be lip pigmentation. Then I get a big bump on my nose that I thought was a zit then I tried to pop it but it left a big scar but it is healing now. ... (1 replies)
... I have a little bump of skin which is quite hard on the inside of my eye between where the sleep gathers and my nose. I think you call it a stye? ... (6 replies)
... Hello, I was wondering if anybody could tell me what this could be.....On my lower eyelid I have a small yellowish bump...I talked to my mom and explained it to her and she said it was sorta like a pimple inside my eyelid and that it would go away in a couple of days. She told me what she thought what it was but I can't remember now but i know it started with an S.....I hope... (3 replies)

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