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... roval to import Restasis to Australia from the US and I have been using it since November 2003. It has helped me more than anything else, although lately my left eye has been playing up again, for some unknown reason. ... (87 replies)
... about 2 hrs later. He went to the drugstore and bought an eye wash and has done that about 10 times today. He could hardly see to drive, with all the crying. He has also used visine lots today. ... (0 replies)
... it started and its never gone away since then. I have read up that dry eyes can start from dry climates, and also if something has interrupted the layers of the eye e.g. oil or water layer. I did swim alot in pools in turkey without eye protection and i wonder if it could be that? ... (14 replies)

... sible for me to go without using tear drops. My eyes are so bone dry that they are incredibly painful if I don't use them. Plus, I don't have very much oil in my tears anyway. I have learned that if my eyes feel dry and I DON'T put tears in them, I will wind up with a corneal abrasion or an infection. ... (74 replies)
... That's terrible news, purple. My eye problems seem trivial compared to you guys, but they're still taking a toll on my life. Two days ago, I woke up with a new eye symptom. My eyes felt very hot, like dry, but not really. ... (67 replies)
... Have you tried steroid eye drops like FML? ... (26 replies)
... medication, and he has used them all with me. He trained at the Duke Eye Center, and Mass. Eye and Ear Infirmary. Sometimes this just cannot be cured. But it can be managed. And that is what he is doing for me. ... (13 replies)
... Christine, we never really figured out what happened with the dexamethasone ointment, but for some reason this batch seems to be better than the last. ... (87 replies)
... It sounds like on top of the pain you now have to deal with a doctor who just does not understand this. I know how debilitating the pain of the "severe" ones can be since I have suffered with these for almost 2 yrs. ... (5 replies)
... I can certainly sympathize with you. I wish I could paint you a pretty picture and tell you that everything is going to be OK. ... (19 replies)
... I've been reading through messages and I figure I am in for the long haul with my eye problem. I'm wondering if anyone else's symptoms match mine. ... (36 replies)
... Boy, I really sympathize with you. I have the same exact problem. My vision is OK, but it fluctuates because of my severe dry eyes. You probably have both, allergies AND dry eyes. ... (5 replies)
... I was very productive human being at work. My job is to help other people with pain. Now I live with pain all day. I go to work with it and have to work with it. ... (26 replies)
... tough. I just want to be normal again. My family is getting ready for a camp trip this Thurs and this will be the first time I've gone in the midst of dealing with all this dry eye crap. I have to make sure to bring my little tears vials and ointment. I don't want to find my eye stuck to my lid in an unfamiliar tent. ... (87 replies)
... I went back to the eye dr today, and he was not too pleased. Apparently I have more than enough of the watery layer of tears, but even with the Doxycycline and hot compresses I have NO oil or mucus in my tears. For the past few days I have been getting a lot of tears running down my cheeks. ... (87 replies)
... I've had a burning type pain sensation in my eyes for years now. ... (11 replies)
... he exact same experience...I'm 6 weeks out after surgery on one eye..Got the toric lens since I had astigmatism..Had corneal swelling which resolved but I'm left with a burning sensation in my eye...Dry...I don't know..I use Thera tears but it doesn't help..My biggest problem is that I only had one eye done.. ... (19 replies)
... I have suffered for years from eye problems, which I always thought were allergies. I'm allergic to almost everything and have been getting shots for 1. ... (0 replies)
... I've been having problems with dry eyes since April 2010. This suddenly started and coincided with me changing jobs and has gradually worsened to the point I decided to leave work. ... (0 replies)
... biotics from NY Eye and Ear Infirmary. ... (26 replies)

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