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... which I was able to draw, because I could see it perfectly in my left eye. It resembled an amoeba. At the same time I was also seeing streaks and flashes of light when I closed my eyes. ... (22 replies)
... But whats weird beth is even if it the beta blockers, why would i just have the problem in one eye? ... (22 replies)
Flash of light!!
Sep 6, 2006
... I hope I don't sound ignorant, but how does diabetes affect the eye and flashes/floaters? I did have lasik November 2005 and gestational diabetes in 2004 (delivered a healthy baby in Nov 04). No diabetes in my family and gestational diabetes was brought on by pregnancy and advanced maternal age (almost 43 when I delivered). Blood sugar went back to normal after pergnancy.... (4 replies)

... If you've accidentally consumed some whole sugar, retinas do swell and you can get flashes of light when moving your head too suddenly, until it drains out in a day or two, sparkles too I think. ... (5 replies)
... hi, I wanted to come on here and say that I had painful, stabbing in my toes at night, flashes of light on the outside edges of both eyes after dark, headaches and blurred vision. Went on for years. ... (0 replies)
Floaters or what?
May 11, 2004
... Sounds like floaters. I have a couple in my right eye. It's especially annoying if I look at a white wall or white computer screen. ... (2 replies)
... I just finished printing off some pages for my friend who has a blind spot in her vision, and they also mention vitreous floaters, which might be what you have. It's a common complaint. ... (5 replies)
Eye problem
Sep 19, 2001
... You should go to see an ophthalmologist as soon as possible to check out the flashes of light and pain in your eye. They could be signs of something serious such as detaching retina, high interocular pressure, etc. Make an appointment today. ... (1 replies)
... Yes, it can be. II actually just started taking this medication and i read one of the numerous side effects is increased eye pressure.. that can't be good. I only been on it for a couple of weeks now, but I'll bring it up with my ophthalmologist tomorrow. ... (1 replies)
Vision floaters?
Apr 27, 2006
... what it is like to feel anxiety about your health and especially vision. Anxiety is not causing the floaters, though it may be causing you to become more aware of them. And the more you think about them, the more you will notice them. In fact, you are training your brain to see them, rather than forget about them. ... (2 replies)
Jun 21, 2005
... sighted, have diabetes, or some other form of retinopathy. ... (2 replies)
... ou lose complete vision, it would mean the retina completely sloughing off or something crazy like that. Also, retinal and vitreous detachment both tend to cause flashes of light like lightning streaks in the periphery of your vision. Also, floaters usually increase in number significantly after retinal tear events. ... (4 replies)
... So I have light flashes in my left eye when I look quickly up and down. I don't see the light on the way up, but when i flip my eye down I see it on the bottom half of my field of vision. A white flash. ... (5 replies)
... Some people suggest on the Internet that regular mental training can help patients notice eye floaters at a lower frequency. But in the opinion of some eye experts, this therapy never solves the anatomical cause of eye floaters. Psychological training only guides patients to ignore their eye floaters. ... (4 replies)
Trouble with sight
Nov 12, 2003
... in a few days to verify what is causing the flashes. I had the flashes off and on and by the time I saw the Eye MD, the problem was detectable on the exam date. ... (14 replies)
... for some reason now, the vision in this eye appears as if I've looked through something extremely bright and now it just won't stabilize. ... (5 replies)
... I have those flashes also. I had surgery for narrow angle glaucoma and then had a vitrous detachment. However, I get the flashes in the eye also. I had an angiogram of the head because the first symptom I had was loss of vision in one eye for a few minutes. ... (5 replies)
... that I heard could bind to muscles in your eye. That's when the eye problems symptoms originally started. Then as those levels went down, the eye symptoms got better. But I was left with some light flashing and so I was wondering if this in some way had any lasting effects on my eye. ... (5 replies)
... To Sunlover. I got my first floater Feb 2000 in left eye. A year later I got floater in right eye. Soon after that I got vitreous detachment in both eyes. Flashes of white lights In the dark seen in the corner of both eyes, and the flashes have not gone away. ... (14 replies)
... migraines can vary greatly. i get migraine related "shooters" as i call them. light which shoots quickly across my eye. dont worry about them. ... (5 replies)

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