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... however, it can produce the perception of floaters. So, in the case of a persistent aura it would be difficult to tell if the floaters were real or perceived. ... (7 replies)
... I have persistant migraine aura and I've developed some new floaters at the same time. ... (7 replies)
... yellow when I blink. I'm kind of aware "see" them with my eyes closed like a migraine aura. I can't see them at all in bright light. ... (2 replies)

... eye doctor's office immediately, and they told me to come right away, if I could drive safely. I was shown a short video clip of a woman experiencing an optical migraine before the eye doctor saw me. ... (7 replies)
Bad Floaters
Jan 20, 2002
... Hi, this is my first time posting here. I am 21 years old and got floaters last Sept. They are getting worse as the months progress. But an opthamologist thinks I'm fine. ... (0 replies)
... I've never experienced floaters before, unless I'm looking at the sky. ... (6 replies)
... Man, I have had the floaters,,,flashes,,,,kelidascope images for 30 minutes then goes away...What the heck!!!!It is getting annoying,,,,,the opthamologist says ocular migraine (classic migraine) headache...It is scary as hell,,, let me say. I have seen bright light like i have looked at the sun but haven't. I have seen clear like;;;) i guess you... (4 replies)
Eye floaters?
Feb 28, 2009
... I have had a different experience for my floaters that started 30 years ago.I was using a blow torch to peel paint off my house,when this started.My family Dr. ... (17 replies)
... to the Hospital ER, it was THAT BAD. Instead, as the lights subsided, I called my Opthm in the morning. They said I HAD to come in THAT DAY to be seen because floaters are a symptom of detatched retina. So, I did as I was told, saw the Dr. ... (16 replies)
Eye floaters
May 4, 2018
... So I know most people get floaters as I'm sure I've always had them, but the last couple of days I've noticed many more of them which just constantly swirling about my vision. ... (8 replies)
Eye floaters
Apr 5, 2016
... Wow, I never knew that there were treaments for ey floaters... I have a lot of them due to my super high progressive myopia. but, I bet these thigns are not covered by insurance... (2 replies)
... Many people are not aware that they have developed PVD but some notice symptoms such as floaters or flashing lights. Floaters can take many forms from little dots, circles, lines, to clouds or cobwebs. ... (6 replies)
... My fiancee has astigmatism and has been diagnosed as having floaters in his eyes. He has moments where he sees waves in his eyes. We know that the floaters can cause this. He has it mainly out of the blue when outside or in a bright area. ... (1 replies)
Eye floaters
Mar 29, 2016
... Are you sure you have floaters and not an ocular migraine? ... (2 replies)
... But my eyes did not improve for almost a month. Later though the sight improved my I had a lot of floaters kind of clumps of transperent stuff stuck to one another in groups. ... (3 replies)
... All the information: - This has been a constant problem for around a year now. - It all seemed to start after I had a migraine that was caused after I worked out (Weight lifting) - I have been to eye doctors, regular doctors, have blood work done, I've had CT scans on my brain.....nothing abnormal has ever been found. - I see dots, sometimes they are black, or... (0 replies)
... I feel EXACTLY the same way. I have been this way for over a year and was just diagnosed this month. I asked my doctor if this would eventually go away or if I would have to feel like this the rest of my life and he didn't know. ?! Scary. I am a bartender and have been unable to drink since this started. the last time I did I got tunnel vision. I am 25 years old and have been... (1 replies)
... after a month of misdiagnoses i now know that i have a constant silent migraine. i have had well past 30 symptoms come and go but ill stick to the constant and major ones. Eye pain is the most troublesome, following is sensitivity to sound, ringing in the ears, bright light causes nausea, increase in floaters which i strongly believe is correlated regardless of what others... (1 replies)
... When I was about 14 years old I had a problem with floaters moving across my vision followed by some type of migraine. Then it stopped for about 6 years and I, now 20, am experiencing the same problems. ... (4 replies)
... It sounds like a classic migraine aura you are having. Headache optional. There are different suspected triggers for migraines, or seemingly none at all. ... (4 replies)

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