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... D That's perzactly what I've been considering! One for every day of the week, because my eyes seem to go through 7 phases and strengths! ... (41 replies)
... Thank you for your response. Six operations! ... (13 replies)
... I was wondering if i may need glasses for using the Computer or something,Only when i use the computer i get tired very quick and my eyes go dry and i get a sort of dizzy feeling. ... (3 replies)

Cataract surgery
Jun 13, 2006
... Thanks for the reply, SeriousPerson. ... (107 replies)
... contacts, but is not a medical doctor. An OD is a Doctor of Optometry but you may very well have a medical condition causing your dry eyes which needs further testing than an optometrist can give you. ... (10 replies)
... ill give you better vision in terms of side vision and making your sight close to natural good eyesight. I gave up contacs, though, in the 70's because of severe dry eyes. ... (9 replies)
... I just used my regular eyedrops whenever I felt my eyes starting to get dry. It was never too unbearable for me, so I was very lucky. I know that it could've been a lot worse than it was. ... (16 replies)
... Photophobia definitely bothers me as a result of my dry eyes. I use transitions lenses in my glasses and that seems to help. But until they kick in, my eyes HURT in the sunlight. I also have trouble opening my eyes in the morning. ... (87 replies)
Dry eye problem?
Dec 20, 2013
... I use OTC products here in the US that work well. Both are made by Systane. At bedtime, I use the gel drops. In the AM when I get up, I use the regular eye drops. Works very well for me. Also, if you wear glasses, be sure they have a non glare coating. ... (2 replies)
... There's a bit of a language problem. A lot of Brits call whatever eye person they see an "optician", whereas over here an optician does nothing but make glasses. ... (2 replies)
... Hi Sue, Sorry not to be able to give good news but Iíve found that if you donít jump on this early and the inflammation cycle starts itís almost impossible to stop Ė if you donít have a lot of inflammation / havenít had inflammation attacks in the eyes and lots of permanent inflammation pain you are probably still a good chance of bringing it under control. Good Luck Ė I... (9 replies)
Is this Dry Eye?
Jul 27, 2005
... My suggestion is to see an opthomologist in your area. You can ask your family doctor for a recommendation to a good one. ... (12 replies)
... I am still fighting the problems with my eyes. After the first of the year I am going to see another eye doctor for a second opinion. What ever is wrong is making my vision get worse as time passes by. At least the last doctor was able to make me glasses I can see out of. ... (87 replies)
... gas permeable contacts for the purpose of slowing down my galloping myopia. ... (9 replies)
... But at least it's only a week away. Hopefully your vision will be cleared up just in time for the holidays. ... (244 replies)
... Gentealgel, I will have to check out the dry eye zone, I too feel that this will be something I will continually have to deal with. ... (55 replies)
... no longer expect anything to get better.Ok, I expect my sinuses to get better and I expect my foot to get better, but I know my MS is here to stay and I know my dry eyes are here to stay. I try not to let my life revolve around the illness. Rather, the illness is just a part of my life now. ... (244 replies)
... I've been wearing contacts for about 11 years. I pretty much wear them from 7 AM until 11 PM every day. ... (5 replies)
... i am a 54 year old woman who had crystalens put in left eye 8 weeks ago and right eye 6 weeks ago. i wish i had read this post before i did so. left eye allowed me to read without glasses.....for 3 weeks. overnight this changed. ... (19 replies)
... round of eye exams, getting the glasses, and still having an uncorrected left eye! ... (47 replies)

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