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Hard bump on eye
Mar 6, 2009
... days ago I discovered a hard bump on the outside corner of my eye. It's on my actual eye, about 2 or 3 mm in size. When looking straight ahead, it can't be seen because it's nestled just under the skin, but when I look to the right you can see it. ... (1 replies)
... I have this weird hard bump which is about a cm long coming from the top of the inside of my eye socket pointing downward. It hurts when I touch it. Weird. Anyone know what this could be? ... (1 replies)
Hard bump on eye
Mar 25, 2009
... I have actually had this happen to me, twice. I don't get seasonal allergies too bad, but when I do, they manifest themselves in my eye. I've had the small bump before and even a long, raised line in the white of my eye... ... (1 replies)

... I have a little bump in the indentations of the eye socket, where the bridge of the nose meets the ridge of the eyebrow. By the inside of my eye between the nose and above where the the sleep gathers of the right eye. ... (0 replies)
Swollen Right Eye
Jun 14, 2011
... n atleast 3 months since I have had swelling of the eye. Along with the swelling, I get a huge migraine and just want to sleep all day. I have been to doctors, eye doctors, specialists, and no one seems to know what to do or what it is. I just want answers and I get very scared every time that this happens. ... (1 replies)
... I had a monsterous stye on my left upper eyelid back in July of 2013. When the stye healed, it left what looked like a solid circular raised red bump in my eye lid that would not go away. I had 2 injenctions in the eye lid which took away this "bump" however, this eyelid continues to give me problems. ... (1 replies)
Bump under eye
Aug 21, 2007
... I have this bump under my eye below my lower lashes. I can't really explain what it is. It's just a little but easily visible bump. I suddenly got it one day. ... (1 replies)
... My boyfriend has a bump on the inside corner under the eyelid of his right eyeball. He was putting in his contacts and closed his eye was rubbing around to make sure the contact was placed right and he felt a bump. So he closed his eye and had me feel it. ... (0 replies)
Dry Eye ????
Aug 23, 2007
... I have dry eyes too. The first time it happened 5 yrs ago, pain in one eye. Thought I have cancer, very worried and finally saw a dr. He said was you have dry eyes. just use eye drops. ... (7 replies)
... ure. Ive noticed that occasionally I have a little hard time focusing on the screen, and when i go to look at something else I notice this kind of dark pulsating in my peripheral vision, there is no arc of light or flashing brightness just a kind of ripple in the peripheral vision, notice it more on upper left. ... (4 replies)
... ive had mine for months now. i cant even remember. for the past 2 days the eye that has the chalazion is very irritated. its all red and its getting kind of swollen. when i sleep at night i wake up and its hard to open my eye! ... (6 replies)
... Well, not really my eye, it's like a small bump on my upper eyelid just below the line where my eyelashes grow from. ... (1 replies)
... ot my results. So, I had what I thought was a surgical procedure to remove the blocked "gunk" out of the gland in the eyelid but when I got my results today the eye lid specialist was surprised as I am that it is NOT a chalazion but rather some type of inflammation that caused a hard bump on my lower eye lid. ... (0 replies)
... ok on to the white bump, it sounds like a cysts especially since you talked about looking like a hard white pimple. Under normal curcumstances a dermo or Gp would just lance it out or let it go away with time. ... (3 replies)
... mp to my head during a fall and my chiro said I should have been seen by a neurologist for a neck MRI to check for nerve damage when it was determined by all the eye specialists that my eyes were not injured. ... (34 replies)
... y random. I was on a computer a lot, late into the night so I figured that was the cause. I also thought it could have been allergies, the dog sleeping with me in the bed, or other things. I started to remove each possible cause, 1 by 1, to figure out what would cause it. ... (6 replies)
Dec 30, 2002
... I have a bump on my left eye lid, not by the lashes, but like in the middle of the lid. It is not painful, and not swelling up, but looks and feels like a grain of rice way below the surface. Is this a chalazian? ... (29 replies)
Vibrating vision
May 31, 2013
... My symptoms started out as the vibrating vision mostly as you described. I first noticed it on a tin building that had curves in it. Blinds, shelves, where wall meets ceiling, anything that had contrast with lines. The bathtub showed it a lot for me. ... (77 replies)
... Either way, it's been three days an the swelling is only beginning to go down now. I can still feel the bump a bit, but the eye no longer hurts or feels like something's in it. So, I think the stye is slowly going away. ... (0 replies)

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