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... A couple months ago, my lower eyelid became really inflamed, all the way across. I wasn't sure why, so I tried not to touch it and wiped it with a cool, damp paper towel. ... (1 replies)
Lump in eyelid
Sep 18, 2009
... Hi, I do no have an answer but a similar condition. I got a lump in my upper eyelid on my left eye and though it does not hurt, I did some research and thought it was a stye and treated for that. ... (2 replies)
... after three months of eye drops, antibiotics, and warm compresses. God it was awful. The novacain needle hurt like hell. I had a panic attack and passed out after the doctor scraped out my lower eyelid. ... (2 replies)

Chalazion op
Jun 30, 2005
... on for almost a year before removing it. The process is very quick and not too painful. Once you get there, they will give you two local anesthetic shots to your lower eyelid. ... (5 replies)
... These days I feel my lower eyelids keep moving up. Its kinda shaky. I dont have any redness or pain in my eyes. My eyes feel fine. Its just every 5 minutes, the eyelid start to be shaky for about 5 to 10 seconds then it stops. Its really irritated. My friends standing about 4 feet away can tell dat my eyelid are shaking. ... (1 replies)
Dec 21, 2003
... The other day I waked up with crusted eyes again and one lower eyelid hurt in an area. I assume an oil gland was plugged and had pressure in it. A good hot soak and eyelid scrub plus stroking across and upward relieved the misery. ... (29 replies)
... That will be given a minute or two to take effect, and by the time the dr is ready to start, you will be numb from your lower eyelid to the middle of your cheekbone. ... (15 replies)
... the technician who took me into the bathroom so she could see in the light, and she discovered that a piece of the paper from the test strip had broken off in my lower eyelid! The quackers old man left a piece of the paper in my eye! ... (323 replies)
... Or what about asking about cuaterization for your lower ducts? ... (15 replies)
... Did it hurt when you try to pull out the hair yourself? ... (2 replies)
... A few days ago I woke up with pain on my lower eyelid, on the outer corner. It lasted all day, and then when I went to sleep, I woke up with no pain. That day I was fine. ... (0 replies)
... I would see an eye doctor, but I doubt very highly that it had to do with your crying, UNLESS you've got a blocked tear duct! Styes and chalazia are lumps in or along the edge of an eyelid. They may be painful or annoying, but they are rarely serious. Most will go away on their own without treatment. I have a chalazia too, it's been there for years now, but the difference is... (1 replies)
... and wiped out all of my tears along with the eyelash! However, I have been advised by my eye doctor only to remove the lash myself if it is resting inside of my lower eyelid. ... (3 replies)
... As soon as I changed my clothes I felt something in my lower eyelid and it hurt really bad. There was an eyelash in there. Thank goodness it didn't happen while I was driving. ... (67 replies)
... Using a hot compress a few times a day can never hurt. (just don't burn yourself!) It's best to do it now while the stye hasn't fully come out yet. Maybe you can stop it before it gets bad. I had that once, where I saw no bump but had a lot of pain in my face and my lower eyelid, and I went right to the eye dr and he said that even though I couldn't see it, there was a stye... (3 replies)
... it all started 2 years back in grade 10, where i was working as a dishwasher at a restaurant near my house... a year or so later i got this bump on my lower left eyelid and thought it was a stye... i let it go and then before i knew it my eyes were bumpy and swollen everywhere... ... (8 replies)
... ached my limit, and that was why I switched to glasses for a bit. I also noticed at that time that if I was let's say in the shower and water got in my eyes, it hurt like no other. My guess is that the eye surface is loosing its natural sense of retaining moisture or something. ... (7 replies)
... well on wednesday the 21st.. i noticed a slight swelling and irration in my right eye. on thursday i had a small stye on my lower right eye lid. then later that evening a bigger one on my upper right eye lid. i used eye wash and hot compresses. ... (2 replies)
... A sharp stinging, burning sensation will be felt for a few seconds right when the needle is inserted, until the area goes numb. If doing both lower and upper lids, then both lids are injected. ... (42 replies)
... I recently got upper eyelid plugs and the moisture level on my eyes overflows and is very eyes eventually adjust so this problem subsides? ... (0 replies)

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