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... Developing dry eye is a common side effect of using Acutane. Your doctor is wrong IMO. Allergic conjunctivitis can cause the eyes to feel dry, and especially itchy. Do your eyes feel itchy? (8 replies)
... I am desperate for just 5 minutes of relief. Tonight I was driving home and I was afraid I was going to get into an accident because my eyes were so itchy that I couldn't see. This is really putting my life on hold. I am not asking for a cure, although that would be nice. But I just want a break from it! ... (42 replies)
... Buck, if I were you, I would first try to find out what the cause of the red eyes is. Do your eyes feel itchy or gritty at all? ... (1 replies)

Chronic dry eye
Dec 9, 2000
... stay off of them and develop glaucoma from rubbing the heck out of them because they're so dry and itchy and swollen. ... (7 replies)
... The other explanation, Pinguecula. The images, however, appear to show a growth that seeps into the iris or a itchy lump. ... (3 replies)
... Here's my case... Early November, i applied my usual moisturizer all around the face (except the eye era) with one drop of geranium essential oil (i've done this for 3 years) When i did that, i felt like a hot sensation that disturbed my eyes : no irritation, no blurry vision... I stopped using that. Every since i still have weird sensations about my eyes : sometimes... (0 replies)
... Hi, For the last 72 hours I've had some really annoying eye symptoms that I'd like people's opinion on. These have been: - Extreme watering (or tearing) in right eye: This has been mainly occurring when I close my eyes for 30 seconds or more. I get an uncomfortable 'foreign body sensation' and almost straight away, my eye starts watering uncontrollably. I'm really... (1 replies)
... tistis. I am 44 years old n house wife n non smoker and healthy. It starts 3 months ago when the repairman changes the ceiling n alot of dust in my house. I feel itchy in my eyes n light inflammation in my eyes so I go to doc n he told me that I have FK. Does anybody feel FK and I want to know how much it will last. ... (0 replies)
... Well, to make a long story short, I'm a 21 year old female with horrible vision. I'm extremely near sighted, and I've been wearing glasses since I was 15. Lately, I'd say in the past year and a half I've noticed my vision getting worse and it's scaring me; I have a lot of things going on, and yes, I AM going to the doctor on Sunday, but I'm losing sleep at night for fear of... (2 replies)
... Hi drdavidge, Ive been wearing contacts since age 11 and im 50+ and have had all different types of lenses over the decades and have had corneal abrasions, eyes patched shut, dry eyes, corneal ulcer from auto immune disease, allergic to plastics, solutions, needed oxygen permeable lens etc. And ive learned over time there are many possible causes for these symptoms and i... (2 replies)
... Hi, I've been a contact lens wearer for many years and have good hygiene with them, taking them out and washing/soaking every night. I've never had a problem, until now. Around the beginning of June, I had some irritation that just wouldn't get better in one of my eyes. It felt like there was something in my eye and I had to rinse out my contact, but that just didn't work. The... (2 replies)
... I was using olive oil on one of my eyelids & eyelashes because I accidentally cut my eyelashes for a little over a week & my eye ended up getting really itchy because a lot of olive oil fell in my eye & I ended up getting a bump in the corner of my eye near my nose & my eyelid became swollen & I've been to the ophthalmologist & they've told me my eyelid glands are clogged is... (0 replies)
... have some grocery store drops for itchy eyes I think are just about as good. c so current Dr. ofc gives me samples, and I also have drops from grocery store, just about as good. ... (7 replies)
... I also have Blepharitis because of dry eyes. I experience same symptoms as you do. My Eye MD and "second opinion" one said I have nothing to worry about. When eyes this dry it feels like something in a eye; Blepharitis causing lashes to curle inside the eye, sometimes it changes the way lashes grow . I never had flaky or puffy lids but very itchy. I forgot when last time i... (7 replies)
... do have a lot of allergies and sinus issues, but my sinus issues come and go. I had some surgery on them a year ago to help out. But as I type this my eyes are itchy and I just want to rub them! ... (2 replies)
Bloodshot eye
Oct 4, 2014
... Hi 17yo male. Both last summer and now this summer my right eye has become bloodshot. I have tried almost every eyedrop and currently on hayfever medication. I have also been to the doctors and specialist (said nothing wrong with eyes). The redness seems to dissipate for awhile if I put an ice pack on my eye but always comes back. Pretty frustrating! Eyes are sometimes... (0 replies)
Blepharitis Cure
Jun 6, 2014
... I have been doing the wipes treatment for 4 months and it worked but I still have itchy lids so I continue to use them. I am at the beginning of month 5. ... (19 replies)
... I have been doing the wet ones and warm compresses for about 10 plus weeks. Itchy eye lids is almost gone with maybe one time a day where I notice it. ... (27 replies)
... lly going to an eye doctor. He said it was allergies and gave me some eye drops to take every day. I'm pretty sure it's not allergies. I don't suffer from red or itchy eyes, and there was no sign of anything wrong on my right eye. ... (7 replies)
Ptherygium surgery
Jan 24, 2014
... I had done 3 days ago, and the eyes are red and having blurred vision. It is not sore, but itchy. I guess it takes awhile to recover. (0 replies)

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