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... My eyelids don't crust, don't look red on the outsie at least, and don't itch unless I irritate them by overwashing them. ... (10 replies)
Aug 8, 2006
... g erosions so Doxycycline has not been the cure all I've been looking for. I had erosions 2 nights in a row the other night and one around 6 a.m. yesterday. My left eye was burning, sore and red when I woke up. But it subsided very quickly. I had no foreign body sensation at all for the rest of the day. ... (143 replies)
... u too! I was glad to have good news for a change. However, just because I bragged a little, I got up this a.m. with crust so bad, some of it actually got in my left eye and hurt like the devil! That's what I get, but I got it out and am pretty well into the day now. ... (2 replies)

... what to my left eye! It's felt like it's got sand in it, gritty, and yepper, I've been shoveling goop out of it! ... (18 replies)
... I read up on him and he specializes in eyelids!... So I left a little worse off than when I went in. Except one thing he did say which was helpful, he said that using johnson's baby shampoo was not a good idea. ... (50 replies)
... asting music until very late, so I decided that I was going to pick up my television and go outside and throw it at their house. Luckily something else caught my eye though, and I didn't try to do that! I think one of the passengers on the airplane told me he was hungry! ... (56 replies)
... op. I had little dry spots on my corneas that would make it feel like I had left my contacts in for to long or that something was in my eyes. Since then I have gotten a bit better, but not much. ... (323 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Oct 13, 2004
... My last surgery involving AMT required sedation as well as a local numbing shot administered right below the eye which left me black and blue in that area for a few weeks. Was this the same for you? ... (488 replies)
... I think it maybe something called posterior uveitus, the doctor can give medication to reduce inflation in the back of the eye but I never have the time to go or think its not even worth it. ... (9 replies)
What's your IOP?
Sep 4, 2004
... and although I was on antibiotics and the infection is long gone, I was left with very inflamed red and DRY eyes .....still. My immune system sort of went haywire. Anyhow, my opth put me on Pred to try and halt the inflammation. ... (21 replies)
Please help me!
Apr 3, 2004
... There are , of course, anesthetic drops. But each drop lasts maybe two hours and can do harm. You need to have it diagnosed as quickly as possible. Lyle (3 replies)
Please help me!
Apr 3, 2004
... Hi all, several days ago the corner on the end tip outside of my left eye has been itching so I went and picked at it. It has been red and swollen ever since! Sometimes it hurts a little, but seems to itch more. Does anyone know what it is? ... (3 replies)
... Today, for the first time in 3 days, I put on my gas perm, bifocal contacts. My right eye, especially, started to tear and sting and turn red. The left did a little. ... (1 replies)
... Could I get in sooner....Yeah all I've gotta do is call give them my name and my doc will get me in within half an hour LOL.....I'm a red flag name...if I call saying I need in NOW they'll get me in.....BUT I really hate doing that.... ... (16 replies)
Cogan's Syndrome
Jan 8, 2004
... Does anyone here have experience with Cogan's Syndrome. I think I may have a variant of it. Two years ago I had sudden onset of loud tinnitus. I went to several specialists and none of them knew what caused it. My hearing is nearly normal. About a year prior to tinnitus, I experience major swelling in my left eye twice (the white part turned blood red and become inflamed). I... (0 replies)
... I have been having serious issues with my contact lenses which seems to have been brought about suddenly. Whenever I put them in, they don't necessarily feel itchy, but when I take them out my whole eye gets red and inflammed (especially my left)all around where the contact lens was. I have had this particular brand and prescription for a few years (they are two week... (4 replies)
... I think my symptoms are pretty much the same as yours. I have the constantly burning and stinging eyes. My eyes are always red as well, and it's worse in my left eye. ... (5 replies)
... itch when I wake, puffy, and have stuff in the corners..I have been to the eye doctor , I have left my contacts out and am using patanol the last week and nothing is long for allergic conjunctivitis to clear up? ... (5 replies)
Aug 22, 2003
... The nasal side in my left eye does flare up a lot and gets very red then subsides after a couple days. I'm going to talk to my doc about having surgery. Thanks for all your help! ... (20 replies)
... It depends on the day whether the redness or the burning bothers me more. If the discomfort is really bad, I really don't care how red they are if it'd go away. It's I'm not in too much discomfort, I'd feel a little better if the redness would go away. ... (93 replies)

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