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Red twitching eye.
Aug 29, 2004
... for the past week my left eye has been constantly twitching, i don't know what's wrong with it. ... (0 replies)
... I've recently had some strange experiences with one of my eyes and wondered if anyone else has had it too or what it might be. The vision in my left eye is clear in the morning and gets progressively worse during the day. ... (1 replies)
... That was three weeks ago. Since then, I've only been wearing my glasses, and I'm starting to develop the same pain in my eye even when wearing glasses. It hurts regardless of whether I'm looking at a computer screen, a book, something far away or close to me, etc. ... (1 replies)

... or the past 6 months. I have been searching and searching the internet for answers but can't seem to find anything, I am so frustrated! Just like you it is my left eyelid... ... (21 replies)
... days its disgusting and hurts. I have been getting them im my left eye for years. usually i get one to two every 6 months. When i go to the doctor he tells me its a steye and gives me anibiotics, like amoxicillion. It works,.... ... (21 replies)
Scratched eye??
Oct 19, 2005
... I am an avid contact lens wearer and yesterday afternoon, my left eye felt like it had sand in it. ... (5 replies)
... I've had this lump on my eye now for god knows how long. It isn't white or red, it's just a small lump under the skin. Sometimes I can't feel it, sometimes it's painful to even blink. ... (3 replies)
... ks like there's a little pocket filled with fluid hanging all the way to the upper eyelashes. It seems the spot gets more and more defined so even when it's not red and itchy, you can still tell that there's something not quite normal over there. ... (21 replies)
... ok just a few hours ago, after i took a shower and got dressed i went to my Tv to play some Xbox when i noticed i coudnt see very well with my left eye. ... (1 replies)
... Hi folks. Here's my problem. For the last yr or so my right eye had been bugging me, but can't remember the beginning symptoms. ... (2 replies)
... What are the red spider like veins that appear in the white of the eye and why do they happen? ... (0 replies)
... I just noticed about a week ago that I have this floater in my left eye. ... (3 replies)
... My eyes are not feeling so good. They are very dry and mucousy. Lots of green mucus was coming out of my left eye the other day and I got worried about pink eye. But I don't have it. ... (87 replies)
... rea scanned grrrr eyes at times play up when l have painful flare ups,,, beenin pain last few days with spine and joints and noticed last night corner of right eye was sore looked today and white is swollen red and looks like a vein is bulging! ... (0 replies)
... Since over a week I have been having blurry vision in left eye on and off. The eye is red and dry. So I do out genteal dry eye drops. Vision gets little blurred and I have to blink a few times and clears up. ... (1 replies)
... never effected my eyes before. At first I just sort of didn't worry about it for a month or two and my GP didn't realise what it was and just prescribed some dry eye drops. I used them for a while and the dryness seemed to go away but then returned and in a day or so went from nothing to inflammed red left eye. ... (3 replies)
Bumps on eye
Aug 1, 2006
... For the last year or so I have been getting very red eyes mainly in my right inside corner of my eye. However, it does occure in my left occasionally. I have gone to the doctor about it and they could not figure it out and thought it was just allergies. ... (2 replies)
... For the last 3 weeks, every morning when I wake up I have some stuff on my eye and my eye is red.. Its only my left eye.. If I clean out my eye and put some visine ill be good for the day but the next morning the weird stuff is back in my eye.. ... (2 replies)
... I also got pink eye again. I went to the eye dr on wednesday and I have it in my left eye, which for the past few months has been the drier of the two. Not enough tears to wash away the bad bacteria, I guess. ... (87 replies)
Double vision
Mar 5, 2011
... My ophthalmologist has successfully prescribed prisms for others, but I am a difficult case. Although I was prescribed a 3 PD prism for both eyes, when he remeasured them an hour later, it was only a 2 PD prism. I went for a second opinion, and it was 1 PD prism. Both doctors said that they could not prescribe prisms due to the variation. Resting seems to bring the... (13 replies)

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