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... I had rebound redness for some time, over a year. My doctor gave me steriods and I tried almost everything. The steriods did more damage to my eyes than anything. ... (31 replies)
... I have been dealing with rebound redness from useing Alcon baush and Lomb. Please listen this stuff is really addicttive. My eyes where red and my eye veins where visible. ... (31 replies)
... I've have been dealing with rebound redness from useing Alcon baush and Lomb. Please listen this stuff is really addicttive. My eyes where red and my eye veins where visible. ... (31 replies)

... like products is no longer an issue. He said the rebound redness stage of those drops lasts no longer than a few weeks. ... (31 replies)
... you can probably afford it. a 2month supply cost me $25 with my insurance covering the rest. Without insurance it is very expensive (31 replies)
... I did some research on it and apparantly it's like Visine, but without the rebound redness of those organic kindof herbal remedies... ... (31 replies)
... Bryan, you have no idea how happy reading that makes me feel! I'm so happy for you and now I have hope that I can also get better. I bought Optive eyedrops two days ago and I use those right now instead of the rebound-redness drops. I haven't seen much improvement, but it's only been two days so I can't be impatient. One more question though: at what point did you start to... (31 replies)
... I've been off redness drops for months now and my eyes are still red everyday. ... (31 replies)
... A couple years ago I got into the vicious cycle of using Redness releiver eye drops. I used them a couple times a day to try and releive some redness from computer use and it turned into using them long term. Now if I do not use the drops, my eyes get very bloodshot. ... (31 replies)
... fingerscrossed this stays the case. It takes at least 2 weeks for the rebound to fully wear off, but its worth the wait, i feel much happier! ... (31 replies)
... I want to triple check if it causes the rebound effect before i go anywhere near those drops! ... (31 replies)
... inue to use preservative free dry eye drops! As for brian that sounds a bit better..more promising i guess...I guess if i wait a couple more weeks and see if the rebound wears off? ... (31 replies)
... So far i have been cold turkey for 5 days tomorrow...My eyes are definately better, but i dont want to have too high expectations because they may get worse and i dont want to be disappointed and get back onto those stupid drops!! So i am basically using artificial tears and thats it...I have heard that wearing contacts pretty much suffocates your eye..not allowing any oxygen... (31 replies)
... I been working for three weeks now, does bryan want to fix his eyes. My eyes where really bad. I take Omega 3 fish oil pill once a day. My eye problem is a thing of the past. (31 replies)
... Wow, a lot's happened since I last checked haha. I'm so happy for you Holly, even if going cold turkey hasn't worked for me (yet?) I'm glad that it has for you. Bryan, I think that you and I have more in common because I know that I also have dry eyes, which definitely has added to my problem. And even though I don't use the computer a lot, I go to school and am constantly... (31 replies)
... haha yeah that post by the truth was a little random hey! When you say ur eyes are red bryan do u mean they are literally red raw (like no white) or just a few veins in the corners of your eyes etc. Because what i have also come to the conclusion of is that once being off the redness reliever drops - you are used to your eyes being 'so white' that u think the slightest bit of... (31 replies)
... d that msg ages ago but i thought i would add a little! Im only 21 still young i guess but i have been using clear eyes since i was 18 which of course reduce the redness in my eyes. ... (31 replies)
... have to hang in there for a week or two. I would actually suggest seeing an optometrist, maybe they can prescribe you with a steroid drop that will help calm the redness for you? ... (31 replies)
... yes I have noticed my eyes have gotten better. I dont use any drops at all anymore. My eyes look and feel better without the dryness drops believe it or not. I still have red veins in my eyes, but they arent as visible as they used to be. My eyes are still very dry and red in the morning but it goes away in about 20 minutes after a hot shower. I have an apt. with an eye doctor... (31 replies)
... The prolonged use of Clear Eyes Maximum is a problem as you can get a rebound redness after you stop using them, thus creating a cycle of dependence on them to keep your eyes white. By far, dry eyes is the most common cause of redness. ... (2 replies)

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