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... out! When I got my contacts he told me he could see allergies in my eyes. Well, I have stopped wearing my contacts thinking it would get better with no luck. My eyes have become a mess, they are dry and red lines running through them that are always there, I think broken vessels. ... (9 replies)
... while have benn having problems with my eyes. it first started with dark circles under them then went on to swelling of the upper and lower eyelids. they are now swollen and red constantly. i have seen a dermatologist who says its not an allergy. also my eyes have benn watering more and getting clear goo out of them. ... (0 replies)
Swelling of eyes
Dec 12, 2005
... I get swollen eyes from allergies. If i ever take Contac, Tylenol, Advil, etc., I will get them. I believe there is an active ingredient in it that I'm allergic to. ... (8 replies)

... This may sound like a stupid question, but I am sincerely wanting to know exactly what your dry eyes symptoms are. My doctor diagnosed dry eyes today, and I don't think my symptoms sound like what his pamphlet says. ... (2 replies)
... I took cialis. The next day the skin around my eyes was all red and irritated. I went to many doctors who all said dont worry about it it will go away. It just got worse. ... (11 replies)
... I recently got upper eyelid plugs and the moisture level on my eyes overflows and is very eyes eventually adjust so this problem subsides? ... (0 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Sep 24, 2004
... or so, closest to the nose, not the rest of the eyelid. This part became really swollen when I was on the Restasis, and I thought I was having an allergic reaction to it. I use Genteal Gel at night. I still wake up with very dry and red eyes though. ... (488 replies)
... For about 3 weeks now I've had terribly itchy eyes. I went to the opthamologist who first said it was allergy, prescribed drops (Pataday). They didn't work. Went back a week later as it got worse. He said it was pink eye and prescribed Tobradex. It seemed to get better and almost disappeared for 2 days. I woke up the next day with itchy, swollen, bloodshot eyes. Around... (0 replies)
... Swollen eyes when I wake up for a few hours. ... (2 replies)
... Hi, so since about the middle of May this year my eyes have started to swell up on me overnight while I am sleeping. ... (0 replies)
... ht it was a bug bite but said it was probably eczema as he took a closer look. Treated it with steroids and antibiotic and topical cortisone creme. Only slightly swollen a week later and still a little red. I am hoping I don't have a reoccurrence, but listening to what everyone else is saying, I'm guessing I will. ... (21 replies)
... s" like applying ice and cucumber, drinking lots of water, less salt intake, teabags, getting good sleep etc.. and nothing works even for a day. I don't think an allergy might be a possibility since my diet has been the same forever and i've lived in my whole life in my house. ... (21 replies)
Puffy eyes
Jun 2, 2006
... Im a 17 teen yr old boy who 5 months ago got swollen eyelids. ... (1 replies)
... ermatitis and asked for a patch test. She said it might as well be ACD but to her it looked like AD. Even if it is what she thinks, it may be exacerbated by an allergy to a cosmetic ingredient, usually a preservative. I have done a LOT of internet research on the subject but never suspected I had an eczema. ... (21 replies)
... Ever since this started I have been aware of all kinds of other things with my eyes like floaters because I am so focused on my eye all the time. I have tried allergy meds and they have not helped. I have also tried nasacort nasal spray and that one seemed to help a little but not much. ... (9 replies)
... I replied to you when you posted on the allergy boards. I have the same thing my right eye feels weird since May 1st. I have seen the eye doctor several times and have been told my eyes look healthy. ... (9 replies)
... I have tried all of the over the counter allergy drops. None of them have helped me. Nobody knows what is wrong with me. ... (5 replies)
... allergies are a very big part of my problem. Pollen has been very high here the past few weeks, and that is making me much worse. I have tried every prescription allergy medication known to man. Sometimes they help with the sneezing and sore throats, etc... ... (42 replies)
... I have had a supposed viral eye infection in both my eyes for a month now. I first went to my eye doc because I had some crustiness in both eyes when I woke up. They were slightly red, but NOT severe. ... (0 replies)
... for over 7 years. I have always had seasonal allergies to pollen but contacts have actually helped alleviate symptoms for me. I take 10mg of zyrtec a day during allergy season and I am mildly allergic to latex. ... (2 replies)

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