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... A couple months ago, my lower eyelid became really inflamed, all the way across. I wasn't sure why, so I tried not to touch it and wiped it with a cool, damp paper towel. ... (1 replies)
... hi , it is my 2nd post but i will try to be more clear because i really need help : since i have had two chalazion , my eyelid have got many esthetic problemes eventhough the chalazions had almost disappeared: 1 / my lower eyelid is swollen 2/and on my upper eyelid the angle (the part near the nose) is wider than the one on the other eyelid (on the place had my... (8 replies)
... hi , it is my 2nd post but i will try to be more clear because i really need help : since i have had two chalazion (first chalazion= 3-4 years ago) one of my eyelid has got many esthetic problems eventhough the chalazions have almost disappeared, present situation is : 1 / my lower eyelid is swollen 2/and on my upper eyelid the angle (the part near the nose) has... (6 replies)

... Hm, im sorta having the same thing here where half my lower eyelid is sorta swollen and red, hurts a bit. What ive read it could be conjunctivitis or something like that. ... (2 replies)
... I was wondering if anybody could tell me what this could be.....On my lower eyelid I have a small yellowish bump... ... (3 replies)
Please help
Dec 27, 2007
... one of my eyes has something wrong with it and i can't figure it out the lower eyelid is red (inside) and also swollen the eye itself is not red there maybe burning or stabbing feeling or constant pain. i can't distinguish which it is there's no flakiness it thought it was dry and i've been trying some eye drops but they are not helping hopefully someone can... (1 replies)
... he time, and a nurse at the hospital asked me why my we was so swollen. It is making my eye look very lazy in pictures. I also experience twitching on that eye's lower eyelid and it feels like a weird blood flow. I have no insurance, and I am so depressed over this. Please help. I will include a picture on the next post. ... (3 replies)
... Had a fatty pad removed from under the right eye. Now this area is swollen and the eye dr. says it is a clot. What can be done besides opening the incision again and trying to remove this? ... (1 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Sep 24, 2004
... or so, closest to the nose, not the rest of the eyelid. This part became really swollen when I was on the Restasis, and I thought I was having an allergic reaction to it. I use Genteal Gel at night. I still wake up with very dry and red eyes though. ... (488 replies)
Chalazion op
Jun 30, 2005
... on for almost a year before removing it. The process is very quick and not too painful. Once you get there, they will give you two local anesthetic shots to your lower eyelid. ... (5 replies)
... toward the outer corner of my top eyelid. Now that bump stretches all the way across the eyelid and and it's swollen. My lower eyelid has the same type of swollen problem. ... (2 replies)
... still kind of is, is very chapped and cracked. Kind of like how your lower lip looks in the winter if not hydrated properly. ... (0 replies)
... it does sound like a stye, although I always thought a stye forms around eyelashes. I had one a couple of times when I was a kid, always on the lower eyelash line, and I remember the itching, swelling and redness. ... (21 replies)
... red and irritated. I went to many doctors who all said dont worry about it it will go away. It just got worse. It turned from redness around the eye into a left swollen eyelid so the eye appeared to protrude. Then all of a sudden the eyelids went deep purple. ... (11 replies)
Swollen! help!
May 14, 2003
... I woke up this morning with my lower left eyelid swollen. it's not HUGE, but enough not notice, and certainly enough to feel! ... (0 replies)
... That will be given a minute or two to take effect, and by the time the dr is ready to start, you will be numb from your lower eyelid to the middle of your cheekbone. ... (15 replies)
... A few days ago I woke up with pain on my lower eyelid, on the outer corner. It lasted all day, and then when I went to sleep, I woke up with no pain. That day I was fine. ... (0 replies)
... day a bug flew into my eye. It was one of those little bitty fly type things. I thought I got the whole thing out later. Today, my eye is bloodshot and the upper eyelid is swollen. ... (0 replies)
... Did you have swollen eyes with the ocular rosacea? ... (5 replies)
Dry eyes....Help!
Sep 26, 2004
... Anyway do me favor. Could someone look in the mirror, the layer of tear film on the outer edges of lower eyelid, and comment on what it looks like? ... (488 replies)

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