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... and only need a thin pair of glasses to drive and certain activities. I would lose some near vision but have enough not to need readers except for fine print. ... (8 replies)
... when i watch through the window i see that ghosting or double image. That is the movement is not fluid , but ghosted and jerky.ANYBODY knows anything please tell me, im very depressed.. ... (2 replies)
PRK diary
May 26, 2012
... I had my surgery on Tuesday April 3 2012 My surgery is/was wavefront custom PRK My dr used the Allegretto laser, which is reportedly the top machine as of present date. Dr is reportedly (my outside research confirmed this) the "top guy" for LASIK/PRK in my area. Metro area of 5M+ people. Pre surgery, i put myself on a regimen of 1000mg vitamin-c every day, beginning... (1 replies)

... g able to read the computer unaided but needed glasses for near and far. Not great, but it's not an exact science when the pupil is displaced. I was also getting ghosting and massive flare issues. But here is where it went downhill. After the drops stopped I was warned that there would be some vision change. It did. ... (2 replies)
... double vision in one eye is a refractive error that can be corrected. ... (1 replies)
... sounds bit like anxiety,check list of symptoms on the net.. (1 replies)
... specialists including eye doctors and opthalmologists. I have never gotten a diagnosis and pretty much every doctor that I discribe the vision problems to just looks at me like I am crazy or they are just completely lost. ... (1 replies)
... Welcome to the board. I have traveled the same fear and frustration road that you are on. You said that the vision was bad enough that you did not feel comfortable driving. Was this in the daytime or nighttime? ... (129 replies)
... I went through a terrible weekend. I woke up with my eye feeling great, but the vision was awful. Ghosting has returned full force for some unknown reason. Imagine seeing the world like a tv with bad reception, and you get the idea. ... (129 replies)
... is still compromised. It seemed much better immediately after surgery than it is now. I still have the ghosting that I had before the surgery. ... (125 replies)
... Blurred vision at all distances? ... (36 replies)
... the surgery. That visit included measuring the cornea thickness also which was separate from the topography. There is also another machine that I think does a vision check and the assistant also does some manual vision tests. ... (55 replies)
Cataract surgery
Jan 11, 2007
... it 3 hrs while she was having cataract surgery. She turned down the ReSTOR option because it cost extra, and he didn't tell her how frightening the loss of near vision would be, which she's now mourning as I am. ... (107 replies)
... Sometimes I also see streaks, and random lights in my left eye, but only after changing focus from one object to another quickly. The vision in this eye also frequently pulsates to my heartbeat, and is more noticeable after exercising or straining. ... (1 replies)
... I don't know if I have corneal erosions. Every few weeks I get a foreign body sensation in my right eye that will not go away, even when I dump saline on it. I've had my eyes examined quite a bit lately but have never been told that I have this condition. SPK has been seen, but no erosions that I know of. What I do know is that I have EBMD. I went in for LASIK in March... (129 replies)
... t eye. Therefore, if he does PRK, I could be visually impaired severely until they can correct the left eye to balance out my vision. The thought of not having vision enough to even function scares the hell out of me. On the plus side, I could eliminate my need for glasses, no erosions, and no more ghosting. ... (187 replies)
... an't figure out what I did different on Friday night that worked so good for me. The only good thing about the procedure I had is that even with the attacks, my vision is not blurry in this eye. The vision was never completely nonblurry before. ... (187 replies)
... Well I'm back from the doc. Kinda bad news and good news. The good news is that he didnt say I had any permanent scarring or permanent vision damage. He said the ghosting vision should go away. He said that I definitely had an erosion attack, and it had already healed over. ... (7 replies)
ILM Peeling
Jun 10, 2012
... or an impending double vision feeling but can do much more than before, with less of the severe eye strain. ... (78 replies)
... I'm not certain of the correct medical terminology but after my lense implants, I had serious ghosting - double vision. To supposedly correct this, a laser punctures the membrane (in the back of the eye) to allow more light to come thru and thereby eliminating the double vision. In my case, it did not work...another worthless procedure. (4 replies)

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