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Me and my husband have been having sex for a while now and we arent doing anything different now that we didnt do in the beginning and for some reason im very sore. we have sex between 1 and 7 times a day every day and try many different ways to have sex but we have been doing that since the beginning, well about a month ago i suddenly got sore and I used a mirror to look down there and saw a small tear on the out side of the opening so i figured we got a little rough one night or something and that happened. sometimes he will slip out and hit that spot so i figured thats what happened. about a week later the tear went away just like a cut on your finger would but then about two weeks ago i felt the same intense pain again but this time on the inside walls of my vagina so again i looked and this time saw two spots on the vaginal walls. one the the left and one on the right. to me it seemed like i had been rubbed raw but when i asked my husband to look at them he said it looked just like the previous cut that was on the outside only this time one on each side inside me.. well i figured just like the other cut they would go away but they still havent.. we slowed down on having sex and some positions it seems not to rub it as bad, does anyone know what is goin g on or has had this happen to them? like i said we have been having sex for a while and we arent rough AT ALL. its very sore but only when touched and rubbed a certain way, when he fingers me it hurts, im not sure if i should be scared or not and we definitally dont have a lack of lubrication. PLEASE HELP

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