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Re: Virgin or Not?
Jul 24, 2004
The hymen doesnt regenerate...just doesnt happen that way.
Now if one goes without sex for a while then penatration can be painful when one resumes sexual activities but that doesnt mean the hymen regrew.
There is only one way to restore the hymen that is through plastic surgery and it is not a cheap surgery. But that isnt even regrowing the hymen.

Also just because a tampon is painful to use doesnt mean you are still a virgin. It could be you arent putting them in correctly or any other number of reasons for it to be painful. Even if one has sex tampons can still be painful to use for some women. It is not a sign that one is a virgin...heck if it was then there would be alot of virgin marys walking around with their kids in tow(lol). And you know what I would be in that group as well. Tampons, even after 11 yrs of being sexually active and giving birth to 2 kids, can still be painful for me to use depending on the size. My dh will love to know that I am still a virgin....hummm LOL. But joking aside again I say that just because tampons are painful doesnt mean you are still a virgin.

Since you are sexually active (and did have intercourse) you need to go see your doctor and discuss this with him/her. You should be seeing your doctor yearly any way for your pap exam. You dont have to see a gyno for this. This way you can talk about what is going on and why it seems to be getting worse on inserting things.

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