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Well, it all started about a little over 2 months ago. It was our 1st month of going out together when my boyfriend, who was a long-time friend, told me that little "bumps" had appeared on his penis. It wasn't on the actual penis, but around it. At first it was only a few of them; his friend and I both agreed it could have been razor burn or something (he had shaved before). So time went on. Later, bumps began appearing not inside of my vagina, but around the lower outside areas of it and on the skin above it (mostly where public hair is) . At first I didn't even notice them, and then I looked closer because my vagina went through this itching period. The itching went away after I started using some anti-itch cream on the area and some of the bumps went away. Now, I have a sore on the lower area (right below the hymen-area) which looks like a large cut; its an open sore and has been there for a while now. It hasn't turned into a scab, and sometimes when I urinate, the urine makes the "cut" sting, like I'm putting peroxide on it or something. I also noticed a few weeks ago some of the bumps began to scab over a little bit, however they did not go away.

His bumps have spread a little, a few more are on the beginning of the penis, however they are hardly noticeable unless you closely observe. Some of them have also turned whitish; almost looks like there might be puss or something; looks like a pimple ready to pop.

He was tested after the bumps first appeared, and he only tested positive for herpes type 1, which I understand is the same as cold sores, which he doesn't have any of at the time.

I haven't had time to go to the obgyn; so nothing has been done about anything. I'm praying it's just some sort of rash or razor burn perhaps (I haven't shaved, though, in months). What do you all perhaps it might be? Thank you!

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