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[QUOTE=luvs2dance]Ok I definately dont smell fishy, but most of the time I smell what seems to be a copper penny smell. Its similar to the iron smell of being on your period. But even if I douche w/ warm water I still smell it. If me and my boyfriend have sex and then I taste myself on him, its kind of revolting.
But this doesn't seem normal to me at all.
any thoughts?[/QUOTE]

Hmmm,never heard that one.Have you been to a gyno since becoming sexually active? Might be a good idea.If yes then there are feminine sprays as someone said.I've heard diet can affect the way your body smells but i'm not sure if it's a proven fact.Do you eat a lot of meat? The thing about yogurt is that it has acidolphius in it,which is a natural good bacteria in your body mainly the vagina.But most yogurt is pasteurized so all the cultures are killed in the process to make it have a longer shelf life in super markets.You can buy either yogurt with live active cultures in it from a health food store or just take some supplements.I think the refrigerated kind are better for some reason which you'd have to go to a health store for that as well.

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