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Hi Everyone,
I'm new to this so here goes my age is in my 30's. The 1st ? for women out there. I've been married for 10 yrs now and this is the only man that i have had an orgasum with. At the start of our relationship was great i stay wet as normal 6 yrs ago we had 2 serious events life threating , our daughter was in a car wreak in a coma and 27 days after this happened my mom died 6 months to a yr after this happened i became dry and now have to use lubs, doctors seem to think it was the stress at the time, they cant figure out y the wetness has not returned? Any suggestions ladies?
2nd when i have a orgasum how does it come out of a womans body is it like a mans or is it urine Ive heard both and im not sure Can someone plz help????
Age, anti-deptressants, & other meds can lessen the wetness & sexual desire. Changes in hormone levels will do the same.

Too much estrogen can cause a lowering of the sex drive. Too little testosterone will lower the sex drive & pleasure.

Some doctors are now prescribing a compounded testosterone gel for a sexual lube for women with low testosterone.

Some BC pills cause too much estrogen.

The only female orgasm I know about is muscular & emotional, not squirting of a liquid.

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