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A while back I made a thread regarding the extreme pain I've felt when my partner and I have tried to have sex [I'm a virgin]. Anyway.. We tried again, there was lubrication and everything but it was still excruciating. Almost like a hot knife, just terrible. So the other night, I put a mirror up to inspect that area.. See if the hymen is still in tact, see if anything looks odd.. And lo and behold, I found something odd. Where the hymen should be, there is something else. It's mostly inside, but partially not, if that makes sense.. But it's about an inch or so in length. It's like a formless mound of flesh., with various small folds.. With a small red mark on one side.. And I also noticed small bumps along the edge of it, more so on the actual vaginal opening-- however, towards the top of the lump, upon further inspection I noticed that those "bump" like things seemed to be attatching it. And no, this "lump" is not the clitoris, nor the hymen [I could see a tiny bit of the hymen above it but that's it, and it was not the same]. It doesn't look normal. I've googled and research but to no avail, partially because I don't know what to look for.

I know I should see a doctor if I'm this worried, but, I wanted to get some opinions first..

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