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It sounds like it could be pH imbalance. Antibiotics can kill "good bacteria" which can cause many problems. I would:
1) Avoid spermicides of any kind (condoms with spermicidal lubricant, etc.)
2) Go to a health food store and buy some lactobacillus acidophilus pills. Try to find one with billions of CFUs (colony forming units) per pill (many just have in the millions, but billions is better.) Try not to buy the cheapest one, and be sure to check the expiration date. Take one every morning. Some people find taking acidophilus every day is necessary for them to maintain a good bacterial balance.
3) Eat some yogurt that contains "live active cultures" EVERY day.
4) Continue using lubricant, but try a different brand. Maybe you are sensitive to one of the ingredients. I like Emerita brand (also sold at health food stores) because it doesn't contain a lot of chemicals, unlike brands like Astroglide.
5) Until this problem is resolved, stop using tampons (no fun, I know) to avoid unneccesary bacterial growth
6) Take showers instead of baths. If you love baths too much, avoid adding things like bubbles to the bath.
7) Wear 100% cotton undies and NO undies while you sleep.
7) If all else fails, go back to the doctor for a urinalysis and also another pelvic, and ask them to check your vaginal ph. I don't know what's normal... maybe someone here will, but I do know this gives them a clue regarding whether you do have an overgrowth of either yeast or bacteria. Lab work is not always perfect, so if none of the above help, it's worth repeating.

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