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Robbit, absolutely. Even a tampon can be hitting your cervix in any given spot and causing a problem.

I just went through something very similar myself, sans the rough sex (don't like it too rough). I was experiencing unexplained bleeding after intercourse. It would last anywhere from three to seven days. No cramping, no PMS. It started right around Thanksgiving of last year, and I was due for my annual in January, so I figured I'd give it a couple cycles to see if it cleared up on its own.

When I saw my gyno in January, I told him what had been going on with the bleeding. He said he could see how inflammed my cervix was, and he said just by him lightly touching it, it was already bleeding right there. He did a biopsy right then (not at all painful, BTW) and the diagnosis came back as cervicitis from a non-bacterial cause.

His suggestion for it to stop was to let the cervix just heal on its own, not to use tampons and to refrain from intercourse for a while (two to three weeks). That seemed to do the trick :)

I hope you can get to the gyno soon and get some answers for yourself.

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